They are finally here!!!

This weekend has been absolutely wonderful and I have had no time to sit in front of the computer because my brother and my sister arrived from Sweden, wohooo!2013-05-03 16.33.46-2

As soon as I was done working out on Friday me and Mira rushed over to O’Hare to pick them up and my legs was still screaming from a kick ass class. We started the day with a wall sit, high knee thrust and walking lunges cross the gym and two minutes bikes. After we finished the three rounds the sweat was just dripping and the legs had already start trembling and this was just the warmup.

2013-05-05 21.40.17

We were able to catch our breath while working the TRX and the kettlebell in a long and lovely circuit and the first four movements where pretty straight forward doing like a single leg sit from the TRX, squats, swings and hip raises, it was the last exercise that really challenged me. Having one foot strapped and being in a push up position and then raising the leg up and down, only touching the floor very light. To make it a bit more challenging I brought it down to my elbows and bent the knee to push straight up, this exercise makes your entire body work.

2013-05-05 21.41.16 2013-05-05 21.43.37 2013-05-05 21.45.18 2013-05-05 21.46.33

We finished the day doing the ropes and this time Jonathan had mixed it up. I don’t know how many verities you can do working the ropes but we were standing on a bosu ball balancing while working the ropes up and down in different combinations working the legs as well as the upper body. When Jonathan finally called it a day I thought we still had one set to go and it is just so interesting how you mentally can prepare yourself and push that extra mile although physically you have had it 🙂

2013-05-05 21.46.59 2013-05-05 21.48.00

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