Dinner with great friends is unbeatable!

Yesterday Freddie and I went to met up with a few friends in Logan Square to celebrate my 35th birthday but before we met up with them we found a bar that had seating outside and enjoyed the first cocktail in the sun. We had made reservations at 5pm at the Telegraph, a very trendy and cool wine bar with really different and interesting food and some fascinating wine parings to go with. 

2013-04-14 17.13.012013-04-14 17.57.24  

2013-04-14 17.58.18

We had a really great time but as always not enough of it as we had to rush through the last course (it was the best one) as we had tickets to a show in the Loop. We literally shoved the food down our thoughts and rushed over to the theater was still about 10 minutes late. It was not too bad though because the show was very easy to get a hang of and it as we walked to our seats the crowd was in stitches. I laughed so much I thought I would pee my pants and I thoroughly would recommend it unless you are easily offended or don’t like crude humor ;). With that being said I had a fabulous evening and could not have spent my birthday in a better way! 



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