The day after…

The Jensen’s family arrived back home yesterday morning from Aruba and still they put together this awesome party and I will admit that I have been a little bit tired today. 

2013-03-31 16.32.57

2013-03-31 16.33.582013-03-31 16.34.49

We were 12 adults and 15 kids that was running around in the house and having the time of our lives! The food and the drinks were just fantastic and like I mentioned yesterday this was my day of sins. The dinner was still sort of low carb inspired with lamb, herring, salmon, meatballs and a lot of other yummy stuff but I made sure I was still sinning 😉 With a swedish crew everyone knows it’s not a real party without the “snaps” so Mr Jensen had bought a bottle of  Aalborg Akvavit so with the “snaps” in our glasses we were singing until our throats were bleeding (not really).   

2013-03-31 16.36.14

So you have to understand I have been a little bit tired this Sunday yet it has still been one of the best Sundays in a very long time and I think it is because I think that spring is finally here! We sat outside on the deck drinking coffee, listen to music and just watching the kids jumping on the trampoline. Around one o’clock we walked over to the Jensen’s to pick up the car and it was actually nice to get some exercise on my rest day.

2013-03-31 16.31.54

When we came back home we started to wrap up the ice rink and I guess this is the downside of having an ice rink in your backyard. We had to clean the liner from dirt and water with broom and after sweeping and scrubbing for an eternity my upper back was killing me and here I was thinking it was my rest day…haha!   

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