Back to basic!

Today I was up bright and early or rather dark and very early, to be exact I entered the warehouse at 5.40 and I had an hour in front of me to keep up with the lads! I actually like having my workout over and done with because then I have the entire day to focus on other things. Unfortunately I can’t commit coming in at 5.45 every morning because Freddie travels a fair bit and I obviously can’t leave the kids at home by themselves but today I had a vaccine “refill” at 10 am.

2013-04-01 08.53.40

When I went to bed last night and I started to prep myself getting up early so when I came in this morning I felt real good, except that my upper back is still bothering me from last weeks heavy weights but nothing that I can’t ignore. We were working total body as we do on Mondays and I think the last time I workout with the lads is a few months ago. It is always fun to come in and work with them as they are pretty hardcore and I really have to challenge myself to keep up with their weights.

2013-04-01 08.55.08 2013-04-01 08.55.32

After we finished our core exercise with leg raises, crunches, plank and slow climber we picked up a kettlebell. I chose a 25 pounder and when you had your pick there was no going back so I was stuck with my little fella until we were pretty much done. The first circuit we worked upper body doing kettlebell clean & jerk, split up into two motions. This was followed by rows and single arms swings, this was heavy movements and even though it was not cardio it really made the heart beat.

The second circuit we focused on the legs doing single leg romanian deadlift, reverse lunge with high knee, still with the 25 pound kettle bell to finish out on squat jumps.

The workout would not have been complete without some cardio, so with the jumprope in hand we started skipping and I guess when working the arms pretty hard, skipping sort of becomes harder compare to when I was 10 and was not lifting crazy weights 😉

2013-04-01 08.56.19 2013-04-01 08.56.49

We finished off the hour with one last circuit working the arms followed by a nice stretch. When I got home I had a “normal breakfast” because after my weekend of sins I am back to basic with my diet. What I have noticed when I am eating carbs is that I am still hungry straight after I finished my meal, it’s  just like I have a big giant hole in my stomach. I guess I just have to drink loads of green tea and wait it out and hopefully I be back to normal in no time!

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