So did I weigh myself this week?

…Yes I did and so far since I started my journey I have lost exactly 12 pounds. I got the question today after our workout if I can see the changes in my body. I guess I can but at the same time I don’t. I notice that pants that was a bit too tight after the holidays actually fit me again and some jeans I starting to fall down…

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9 thoughts on “So did I weigh myself this week?

  1. So you have lost 12 pounds but you’re not sure if you can tell the difference? Aw that sounds like it would be a little discouraging.

    • I guess that depends…I did mention my pants are looser even though I don’t necessarily see the difference in the mirror. What I did not mention is that I am for sure running faster than before and I think the 12 lbs makes a huge difference and that is very inspiring for me.

    • Thank you! It is funny yo mention my calves because they are so over sized from all those years being a gymnast and standing on my toes. i am so conscious about them and frankly hates them. I always have trouble finding boots and sometimes even pant that will fit…so thank you!

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