Sometimes Tiger Balm can be your best friend…

Guess if I was happy not having to work those poor leg of mine today because they are in even more pain today compare to yesterday! I came in early to the warehouse all smelly of tiger balm to get a long warm-up to loosen up the legs. On a positive note I could focus all the agony my legs were feeling and put in into my upper body.


So when the workout started I had that nice feeling that I could push it today and I was going for heavy weights and less reps.


It was not far into the workout when I started to feel the blood was going into my arms and they became like rocks or at least like limestone. I do love that sensation when the muscles are really working hard and it is almost an instant ratification on the hard work you putting in!

armarna fallee av

We kept focusing on the upper body the entire workout with a couple of exercises for the core to let the arms get a quick rest. The last thing we did for this week was to finish off on the big ropes moving them as fast as we could for 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off for a total of 3 minutes (not counting the rest). They might look easy when someone else is doing them but don’t be fooled because when you are done your heart is pounding and you wish you could swap out those arms to new fresh ones!

mer armar

This week has been very intense and lets see what Jonathan have in store for us next week as spring break is moving in fast!!!


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