So how was my leg workout yesterday…


I can tell you for sure it rocked because I woke up this morning and my hammies, quads and my ass is all killing me today.


We started off with slow movements with heavy weight before we picked up kettle bells and did a standing launches back and forth and more dynamic movements. Sometimes the simplest exercises can be the most efficient ones like the one when you push your pelvis up in the air and squeeze your legs out to the sides 25 times 🙂


We finished off the day with squat jumps, jump out to a sumo squat, jumping lunges and speed skaters…


The thing was that I was not only sore today I also had a crappy sleep last night and felt shit over cheating on stuff I don’t really enjoy eating in the first place. I was in no mood going to Life Time Fitness today so I was debating with myself if I should have a rest day but somehow I dragged myself over there and did a three mile run. And what a run…my legs was hurting, my lungs hurting and my heart was about to pop straight out of my chest but I pushed and I pushed and finished in 22.39 and I did not expect that would happen today. Now I am about to tuck myself into bed and hoping I will be fresh tomorrow but I am glad I ran because that really made me feel better!

2 thoughts on “So how was my leg workout yesterday…

  1. wow, your drive is really commendable! It’s so hard to keep going even when you really don’t feel like it, but it’s amazing how you decided to push through the fatigue. I’ll try to follow your example 🙂

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