A new week with new challenges!

 I will admit, today I have been a bit off. I don’t know if it is because I am tired or if I’m just getting old but I have to say, although my performance was not the greatest I did work hard today. First circuit out we focused on the core doing leg raises, toe touches, plank with lifting the leg, slow climbers and pushup. This was just the warm up so it was not so bad compare to what was coming our way…


As soon we completed our three sets we picked up our kettle bell 25 pounds and that is not to heavy considering what we were doing. I was really contemplating to go and pick up the 16 kg but like I mentioned I am a bit off so I thought I would give it one more round before I went heavier and I think that was a very wise decision!


The next three movements we started with shoulder press without using the legs. For me 25 pounds is very heavy and I did try to get at least 5-6 reps without using the legs but boy it was crazy hard!


We kept the kettlebell up on the arm while we were doing a reverse lunge with a high knee followed by squat jumps…putting the kettlebell down and jumping was such a relief for the shoulders that I think I could almost kept on doing it for the rest of the workout…lol.


With 15-20 minutes left we took it all from the top but this time we picked up a medicine ball. We did weighted V-crunches and with a “fast” crunch, holding for a second at the top with a slow release for 15 reps, straight into 50 russian twist to finish off with 50 bicycle-crunches. From there we did a lunge to the side extending the medicine ball in front of the body and wood chops.



This was far from a shabby workout and I can really feel my shoulders both aching and being very tried this evening.

Tomorrow I am going to Lifetime Fitness for interval training. Then I am going to try something I never tried before and I am really looking forward to it, I just hope my shoulders won’t be too sore!


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