A tough end to a tough week!

Good Morning, my house is really quite because everyone is still fast a sleep and I’m sitting in my favorite chair browsing the internet and drinking my coffee in pain! Yesterdays workout was no joke, it was as though as the rest of my workouts been and now my arms, shoulder and core can join the club of pain.

Yesterday I got to the gym early because I had to drop Freddie off at the train station, kids to school and so on, so I thought I would do a long and nice walk on an incline. As soon as we started our proper session it was hardcore straight away and when the first circuit was done and we looked at each other knowing we were going to be crushed!


After the warmup we went on heavy weights and the only thing we could do was to put our heads down and push for it because the clock was not going to tick any faster just because it was hurting!



This two circuits were not cardio based at all, we were focusing more on the slow movements and the contractions of the muscles. The following two we stepped it up and started slowly to mix in some cardio training. I will say that lately Jonathan have changed up our workouts with new movements and I think this is a great way to “chock” the system so you will become stronger, faster or just simply better.


The final 5-10 minutes were brutal and I after my first sprint I ran with my head first into a wall, I totally ran out of juice! We started banging the 12 pound ball into the wall followed by sprinting back and forth twice before picking up the ball again for another 2 sets. The other and final variation we slammed the ball from overhead into the floor followed by the very same sprints. When we were done I had worked out for one hour and 50 minutes and I was shaking when I was driving back home.


This was a great workout to finish off the week and I am looking forward to next week. I will do my best to improve myself but for today I having a rest day but will go for a nice walk up in the forest preserve before the rain gets here.

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