I’ve fallen in love…

I had a very relaxing morning drinking my morning coffee in peace and quite and potting around the house until I realized that one of Mira’s best friend had her birthday party. So without any breakfast I rushed Mira over to Pump it up, I think it is every 6-year olds dream to celebrate their birthday there. So I thought I would run some errands while she was partying away but before I did I popped into this really cute store in the Glen called “Vintage Nest” and there it was…the table I’ve been looking for. The cool thing with the store is that the stuff is vintage for real, so there was only the one table and it is made out of stone! I did not want to go back home the get Freddie to help me lift it so I went into Starbucks to ask a young lad to help me to carry it to the car (I have no patience) and now it has come home…

2013-02-03 21.16.36

When I finally got home I was shaking and really feeling nauseous so I grabbed what ever leftover we had in the fridge. I must get better at planning my meals because skipping eating messes me up and I get so exhausted. The rest of the afternoon we were playing around on the ice rink, drinking hot chocolate and eating cinnamon rolls (hot tea for me). I am glad that I managed to catch some late afternoon sun before it was time to go inside and make the dinner we were supposed to eat last night.


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