No one should have to do Bear Crawls…ever!!!

I’ve started out this day by shoveling snow for 45 minutes sort of a nice pre-workout and being a swede I guess this is what I was born to do, right! The thing is that I don’t mind shoveling snow; it’s like vacuuming you just do it. What sort gets to me though is when I am stressed for time and I’m at the point where I got rid of my winter coat only doing it in my sweatpants and a sweater and a truck pulls up at my next door neighbor and is in and out in 3 minutes!!!

2013-02-04 13.17.01

Finally at the warehouse Jonathan Domoleczny had put together a fierce workout for us. He was mixing it up with weights and high intensity and I know I have said this before but no one should have to do the “bear crawl”. The “bear crawl” does not do you any favors to you looks while you do them and it hurts in every muscle including the ones you did not know you had, hopefully they’ll payoff in the long run 🙂

bear crawl cardio

And to finish off the day…speed-skaters


Now I’m going outside to do another 40 minutes of shoveling, I don’t think I can get any trucks up on the rink!

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