Total body in the sunshine…

Last night when I went to bed I was really tired but for some reason I could not fall asleep and when I finally did Mira came in to our bedroom crying and was in an unbelievable growing pain. So when I woke up this morning I was exhausted just walking down the stairs so when I came into the Lifestyle Fitness I really had to focus to get to my “place”.

It was around 80 degrees and for the first time this season we took the workout outside (for real) and believe me when I say I have been longing for this for months!!!

and here it is…

First Circuit

high kneedips

doubledip squat and trow trows + jumprope

Second circuit

deadlifts squat

+ kettlebell shoulder  press

leg extension pushups

slams squatjumps

Third circuit

sitsquats legextensions legpress

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