An act of kindness

Most mornings I read a precept to my kids and today it was about the act of kindness, so today we decided that all three of us (my husband is out of town) should to a kind deed to someone who least expect it and then over dinner we will share our experiences. I dropped them off to school wishing them a fantastic day and took off to teach my group fitness class and as soon as we were done I was ready to workout on my own. I was warming up on the stairmaster when one of the clients from another trainer came up and told me that his hamstrings were so tight that it gave him lower back issue. Without even thinking about this morning conversation we had in the kitchen I gave him some advise to get into the tight areas and what to think about. Then someone shouted across the room “you should charge him” and then it occurred to me that why would I not give him some advise when he is pain? I think in this “A-type” world we are living in, when at the most part it is all about ourselves it is important stop for a second and look around to see what I can do to make the day a little better for someone else.

Later this morning while walking Gary in the forest I stared humming “See all of my kindness, is taken for weakness”. Then it occurred to me that maybe kindness should be viewed as a sign of strength instead, when you have the courage to give a stranger a smile or when you talking the long walk in the forest that is kindness to oneself as well as to others.


“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots will spring up and make new tees” – Father Faber

I love my woods…

Today is my rest day as I have done my 6 days of intense workout so when I woke up 6am sharp this morning not being able to go back to sleep I decided to  tiptoe downstairs, put my trainers on and I went for a long nice walk up in the woods…

tree path


…and I love my woods, especially this time of the year when it’s so lush and green and walking in forest really gives me energy. I love meeting people of all ages, forms and what else who also decided to start their day with an energy boost.

Now I am going downstairs to make myself a cup of coffee and I hope I will have time to enjoy it before the “Fancy Blue Girls” are playing their last soccer game of the season…