This is Sweden showing off it’s best side…

We have not slept for an eternity especially not Knut who fell a sleep 5 minutes before we arrived in Norrköping and I had to wake him up. So this day has been very, very long and I am so glad that we arrived to a lovely summer day and to my sister and nephew who had longed for his cousins.  My sister lives next to a beautiful lake and fortune was made when they threw themselves into the water just to let all that sitting still energy get loose…

2013-09-14 07.24.17

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Now we have enjoyed a lovely dinner with grilled chicken with roasted vegetables…unbeatable!!!

2013-09-14 10.53.18 2013-09-14 10.55.23 2013-09-14 11.15.44

Good Night!

I am fuming!

So we have planned for the kids and I are going to Sweden together for three weeks this summer, then I am going back home and my mom is flying the kids back to the US two weeks later.

So last week we got this deal from Scandinavian Airline to buy cheaper (never cheap) tickets. As the deal was running out the following day or so, we hurried up making our reservation with the intention of calling  the airline to connect the tickets with my moms and for me to change the date within the grace time (the kids are not allowed to have their own booking under the age of 12).

With a 24 hour window to change your mind I tried to get through to their US Customer Service number but no answer and no luck. I tried the Swedish office but by then they had already closed, being 7 hours behind and with regular life going on I don’t have the time to call every other hour…just like the rest of us, right!

This morning I got up very early to call SAS in Sweden and they are now charging me $300 to change the date. This got me a little bit upset as I had trying to call them for the past week but now I was told to speak to the US office, so I tried again…no answer. I try another number (I had already tried it earlier but was told they could not help me) and asked for a manager. So  I tried to explain my problems for the lady regarding the phones and the charge and so on. Then she turns around and says that her decision is the final!

Who is this woman, does she think she is god??

She kept on telling me that they will charge me $300 and I should have called to made the arrangement instead of booking it online. How are you suppose to know that and I did try to call, remember…no answer!

You know the feeling when you are starting to get really annoyed but try to keep calm, thats were I was and the only thing I want to do was to cry and scream in frustration! Once again I tried to explain to her that  I  had not got through on the line, so what was I supposed to do? Then she goes  “There is nothing wrong with the phones, they are working just fine”. She was so rude and she was pretty much accusing me of lying so I asked to speak to someone else but she would not let me so I ended up hanging up.


I will say I have always thought that SAS have been great flying with but their customer service absolutely sucks! I was so angry hanging up so when I came into Lifetime Fitness I had to get rid of some anger and I guess it worked as I finished 3 miles in 22.20.

2013-04-16 09.59.29