My arms are falling off!


Today we worked upper body and I think everyone was in the same mood as the weather outside as the rain has been poring down for the last couple of days, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t worked hard.

We started out with some basic abs/shoulder work; Leg raises, crunching with the legs up into the air, plank to push up and push up everything done for 30 second with no rest 3 times through.

Then we moved into the serious stuff…

walking out

You start by stretching your backside and then you walkout your arms out in front of you and hold that position before walking your feet back into the stretch again. We did this for about 5-7 reps and finished in a 30 second plank before turning around and did the same thing back.

Then we did a 6 exercise circuit were we mixed arms and cardio and let me tell you, I love when John mixes in the cardio when we are working with weights. We stayed at each station for 30 seconds and then we have 15 seconds to move to the next one before it started. After every finished circuit John gave us a minute break. (We also did ropes with both arms, it’s a killer)

arms circuit1

kastabollivägg barbell overhead

To bring the heart rate down and give the screaming arms a rest we went back on our mats to work on our abs again, we kept on working for time instead of reps.

v+crunch  double crrunch


plank with arm


As John was having us do “Bear walks” and “Crab walks” Amy shouted out…We are not teenagers, we should not be doing this!!” But even though they don’t look that hard they are very deceiving, ask anyone of the gals!



After this craziness we went back on arms/cardio with the same setup of 30 seconds on and 15 second off…

boxing circuit armblur

To be perfectly honest…if I can do anything by tomorrow I’ll be surprised. I think I’ll have to go for the stairmaster because I have nothing left in my arms and it’s only 2pm!!


As requested, My Blue Danger…

I have been asked where I got my “Blue Danger”. I actually got them from Road Runner sport, a store I really recommend if you are buying shoes and want to have them fitted. You start begin with standing on some kind of electronic surface that measuring the pressure of your feet. Then they let you run on a treadmill and they study your stride and how the foot touches the ground. They also take into account if you have any issues i.e. knee problems, hip, back etc. then they will bring out shoes that will match your requirement. This is by far the most comfortable shoe I ever owned but no one have ever before checked out my feet either!

Funny enough both Laura and me has very high arches and these shoes was just the best fit for both of us!

little blue

Mizuno Wave Inspire 9

I don’t do breaks!!

So I have decided it is not the spinning dude that is the problem it is the songs he put in the speakers! Out of the entire hour I recognized two songs and I tell you, I am not a teenager anymore, I am 34 years old and have trying to keep up with whatever songs that’s been playing on the radio. Maybe it is because I’m foreigner; hmm I don’t know, going to have to ask the ”wife” 😉 .

But the class was definitely better this time around. He was telling us when to dial it up, when to do sprints and so on which was also needed because the songs did not make any sense. My other issue was that he kept putting on this weird songs for his so-called “brakes” that made me feel like I was back in junior high doing a slow dance at the monthly school dance, how are you suppose to spin to that?! I did my best and kept my heartbeat going for the hour and I came out on the other side with not a great workout but an ok one. But I’m seriously thinking about doing something else on Tuesdays or he needs to update the music.

After the spinning class me and Laura went upstairs to catch up on the treadmill and check this out, she got herself a pair of her own “Blue danger” so you better watch out for that blue light that will be pass you by when you’re out on the tracks, it’s either me or Laura  you just have to figure out which one 😉

blue danger2

Disney on Ice…hmmm


I started out this Sunday making cinnamon rolls and no, they were not low-carb, low-fat or for me!! They are for tomorrows scrimmage in our back yard but it didn’t go so well. I totally destroyed the first batch, too much sugar, too much flour and the dough didn’t want to rise.  I ended up spending my entire morning in the kitchen. Well, pretty much until Laura came over with her boys for some ice-skating after lunch, mine never came in for theirs so they ate on the ice.


Laura and me finally got our skates on and wow we had some fun. Around 2.30 Laura was going for a run at Life Time Fitness and we had to take Knut to practice. I had borrowed skates from a friend that was a bit too small so I decided to go to Wilmette Bike shop to get my own.


When we got back home we had a new bunch of friends on the ice. I put on my new skates and skated with the kids for a good hour and a half. We were playing tag and once again my “rest’ day turned into a full on cardio/leg day and at the end I was drenched. It had been a great Sunday and when we came inside we lit a fire and had a well deserved dinner.

skatei top

This is were I started one week ago, 9 January 2013

I am 1.65m or 5.4ft and hopefully that will stay the same 🙂

This is when I started just over one week ago. My goal is to measure myself every Wednesday as well take some pictures every month to se if there is any change.

Weight: 60.9 kg or 134.4 lb.

Thigh: 57cm or 22.5”

Hip: 96.5 cm or 38”

Waist: 74.5 cm or 29”

Belly: 85cm or 33.5”

Upper arm: 28cm or 11”