Fast and furious

If I didn’t knew better I would have thought it was winter all over again when I stepped outside this morning to send the kids off to school. I guess this is the ind of days when you are happy you actually have a gym membership because running outside in wind, rain and cold is never appealing. When I came into to lifetime fitness I thought I would give it a try to see how long of a distance I could run in an hour. The thing was that my hamstring was about as tight as they come after the kick as workout from yesterday. After running two miles in a decent tempo my legs had it but I managed to push myself for another 2.3 miles before I gave in and gave them a 7 minutes rest. The last 10 minutes of my cardio I did a sprint interval at a speed of 10.5 30 sec on and 30 sec off and when I was done I was finished!

After I picked Mira up from school we went to an old friend of mine for lunch and a good long chat while Mira was playing with the cuties Maltese puppy!

And now we waaaaaant one 😉


Interval Sprinting

I think this snowstorm of ours is going to be like the rest of them, a lot of warnings but not a lot of snow. Anyhow I met up with MsT over at Lifetime Fitness this morning and she joined me doing sprints on the treadmill.

I started with a 15 minutes walk on an incline on the treadmill before I stretched out my legs. I am actually not too sore where I thought I would be but feeling a little tight in this odd muscle close to my hip. After my warm-up I got to work and started sprinting at 9.5 for 1 full minute (I only started the time when I was at full speed) and then I walked it out for about 35 seconds before I started again. The last 5 intervals I did at 9.5 for thirty seconds and 10.0 for another 30 seconds till I reached my goal of three miles which took me 25 minutes.


I find that sprint training goes by fast as I focus so much on the clock that the pain is actually bearable and I know I can push for those last seconds when it feels like the legs are going to give in. Other positives are that when you give it all for that short period of time will you give your metabolism a boost. So if weight loss is your goal you will end up burning more calories. I do it because I want to improve my cardiovascular fitness so I can run faster and longer distances.

 Tomorrow I will be back at warehouse lifting some good old weights!