There is nothing wrong with quirky!

It’s been a while since I did spinning but now when the “half” is over and done with I thought I’m going to change it up a bit to make it a bit easier on my body. So I with all this ambition that I was going to do great in this spinning class I entered into the room which was cold and dark and all of sudden all my motivation went out the window and all I wanted to do was to get out in the sun and lie by the pool.spinning

But I pulled myself together and adjusted the bike to my liking as the instructor started with some light stretches before we got going. And as the first song was playing out load in the speakers this woman, slightly in front of me started cheering and clapping her hands and saying “I am Stephanie and I can do this, yay”. It was the most quirky moment I have ever experience in a dark room filled with strangers, that together was going the sweat their guts out for an hour. But you know what I used her energy and cranked the speed and resistance and gave everything I had as she kept on doing her “yays” throughout the class…so I guess there is nothing wrong with quirky 😉

Super Tuesday

I am not a big fan of spinning but I do it anyway because I have to get my cardio in somehow and I am not really sure if my knee is up for getting back to running yet. So the class I do on Tuesday the instructor is amazing as he is very energetic and gets everyone going and it was no difference today.

I am always very focused on what I am doing and don’t really pay much attention of the people around me. I am also a firm believer that it is “your exercise” and you push yourself wherever you want to take it  but at some point during the class I looked around and saw this woman riding along almost like the sun was shining down on her and the birds was singing. Now the room we workout in is always very dark and most of the people around her were so breathless and I’ll tell you there was no pretty sounds coming out of them as they were chipping for air. At this point the woman was riding her bike without holding on to the handles, she started to look at her self in the mirror and start fixing her hair! I’m telling you, my hair is the least of my concerns when I am in a dark room trying to kick my own ass…lol


Like I said people can do what every they want in the gym but I don’t get it when you clearly don’t even trying to make an effort. It is almost like they’re thinking “If I am sitting on the bike I’ll lose weight, increase my cardiovascular fitness” or whatever the reason might be. I think it is a waste of time but if it makes them feel good about themselves I guess it’s ok but that is not the way I roll. I rather put a 100% effort into what I do and go home and feel like I did my best and that is what I did today!


I don’t do breaks!!

So I have decided it is not the spinning dude that is the problem it is the songs he put in the speakers! Out of the entire hour I recognized two songs and I tell you, I am not a teenager anymore, I am 34 years old and have trying to keep up with whatever songs that’s been playing on the radio. Maybe it is because I’m foreigner; hmm I don’t know, going to have to ask the ”wife” 😉 .

But the class was definitely better this time around. He was telling us when to dial it up, when to do sprints and so on which was also needed because the songs did not make any sense. My other issue was that he kept putting on this weird songs for his so-called “brakes” that made me feel like I was back in junior high doing a slow dance at the monthly school dance, how are you suppose to spin to that?! I did my best and kept my heartbeat going for the hour and I came out on the other side with not a great workout but an ok one. But I’m seriously thinking about doing something else on Tuesdays or he needs to update the music.

After the spinning class me and Laura went upstairs to catch up on the treadmill and check this out, she got herself a pair of her own “Blue danger” so you better watch out for that blue light that will be pass you by when you’re out on the tracks, it’s either me or Laura  you just have to figure out which one 😉

blue danger2

Fifty shades of Ouch…

I don’t know if I am sorer in my arms from yesterday work out or around my ankles from the skates, just looking at them I could have taken part from 50 shades of Grey!! But I have promised the kids we will be out there again tonight if they finish all their homework on time but I am in so much pain that I might just hide their homework. I am also going to Lowes today to get floodlights; it makes it a bit easier to see and not bumping into each other that way.

I was hoping that I could take a run outside but it is a little bit on the nippy side this morning as the thermometer shows -18C / -2F so I am meeting up with Laura for spinning instead and then we are taking a walk on the treadmill. I have not seen her in ages (at least so we can talk) so it will be nice catching up with the “wife” 😉 Let’s see if the instructor is as uninspiring as he was the last time I went…if he is I’ll have to do something else on Tuesday, which is a shame as I was getting into the spinning mood.

Now I am going to finish my porridge and my eggs, mix my energy drink . So bring on the day, I am ready…