You know it is spring when soccer starts

We had a very early start this very beautiful summer like morning. At 8am Mira had her first kick off of the season with the “Fancy Blue Girls”. You might think that I would have had time to get a quick run in but it has been one thing after another the entire day. Knut also had his first outdoor soccer game of the season and while Freddie took the car me and Mira biked to her friend’s birthday party. I had a few errands to run at the mall so I biked over as fast as I could and in the mall I was running around getting more presents and trying to find a pair of black heels but it was impossible. With 10 minutes to go before I had to pick Mira up I hurried back on my bike. I feel a bit bummed that I didn’t run but I probably ended up biking for 20 odd minutes or so in a tank top and in my shorts so I did get some sun and I guess I just have to appreciate whatever exercise I got in today…Now I am getting ready to go downtown Chicago with the gals!



My true inspiration!

If I would to describe my family I would say that we are a sports orientated family. I started practicing gymnastic at a very young age and if I wasn’t in a gymnasium I was stretching, throwing a ball or a pair of clubs in our living room (my dad actually claimed I cracked a floor beam from doing the splits in midair, he never had any real proof).

lanthoppThis is not me by the way!

Freddie was a very good soccer player and he used to drive 60 miles one way to make it to practice during his military service. He is a huge Manchester United and Chicago Blackhawks fan and he and Knut will set the alarm for 6am on a Saturday and then they snuggle up on the couch to watch the games!



So both Mira and Knut are doing a lot of “activities”, more Mira so then Knut who has moved into travel soccer and travel hockey (this is no longer an activity, this is a commitment). And even that he is only eight years old the leagues are very competitive and very demanding. He practices a lot and normally they have one to three games on the weekend. Knut also takes semi private group lessons before school once a week and he makes sure himself that he sets the alarm the night before. He seldom complains about getting up in the morning or going to a practice and when it happens I still have to drag him off the ice so he wont be late for the school bus. This year him and his team has worked their little butts off and yesterday they received the banner that the club will hang in the ceiling of the ice rink for winning the Presidents Cup 2012-2013.

presidentscupGo Wilmette Braves!

There is nothing more that inspires me than my children…they are funny, they are bright and just simply awesome!