Top sirloin steak with a warm Spinach salad

After Knut finished school he had skate practice over at Athletic Republic and MrsT was kind enough to bring Mira with her and her kids to swim. When Knut was done we meet up with MrsT so Knut also could have some fun in the water with the rest of the crew. When we finally got home I did not have too much time to make dinner so this was both perfect and delicious with simple flavors…Less is more, right!


 500 grams 1 lbs. sirloin tip steak

Old World Central Street Seasoning Salt-Free

Salt and pepper



Pine Nuts


Olive Oil

Salt and pepper

How to: In a dry pan roast the pine nuts till they have a nice and brown surface. Cook the bacon till it is crispy then drain it from excess fat (I always use paper towel to dry it off). Season the meat and fry it or grill it till it is to your liking, I like rare/medium so it goes fairly quick. Then in a separate pan sauté the chopped garlic and spinach season with salt and pepper mix with the pine nuts. Serve the meat on top of the spinach salad with a slice of bacon.

 Original recipe Allt om mat.


Stuffed Sirloin steak with Olive Pesto

Last Saturday night I had planned a two-course dinner for the family but when Knut ended up having a sleepover I only cooked the lamb racks. This was a very luxurious and delicious dinner…

2013-02-03 19.57.35

2 thick Top loins Sirloin Steak (500grams-1lbs)

Serrano ham

Salt and Pepper

Olive pesto (this will be enough for twice as much)

¼ cup Black Olives

1 garlic clove

¼ Pine nuts

1 tablespoon dry basil (I had run out of fresh)

Splash of olive oil


Vegetables with a Bell Pepper and Balsamic Vinaigrette (recipe from Ola Lauritzson and Ulrika Davidsson)



Yellow Bell peppers

Marinated Artichokes



1 Marinated Roasted bell pepper

1 garlic clove

Chopped Parsley

2 tablespoons Olive oil

2 tablespoons Balsamic Vinegar

Salt and Pepper

Chili flakes


How to: Start by mixing all the ingredients for the vinaigrette in a mixer. Fry the vegetables in a frying pan till they are warm and soft-ish. Let them cool of and mix in the vinaigrette. This can be done in advance, as you would like for the viaingrette to infuse with the vegetables.

Mix all the ingredients for the pesto together in a hand mixer. Season the meat with salt and pepper and fry it till it has a nice crisp browning. Take it out of the frying pan and make a cut but not all the way through spread the pesto in the cut. Close up the meat and wrap the Serrano ham around the meat. Place it in the oven till it is cooked to your liking.2013-02-03 19.56.09

Freddie opened up a bottle of Waterbrook Reserve Merlot 2009 I had a zip with the meal and together it was absolutely outstanding!!