Do not disturb, it’s Valentine’s Day!

I have been very strict with my diet the last month and a half, I have not yet had a slip up and I am not intending to have one either. This does not mean I will suppress myself from the “good life” for the rest of my life. Instead I believe it is all about planning and to choose the right moments and tonight is the night when I will let myself indulge (in moderation). But first comes first, in order to do this I thought I have to work that little bit extra hard over at Life Time Fitness. And what is not more appropriate than working on the cardio a day when it is all about hearts!


So covered up in my pink hoodie I headed over to the gym and started 20 minutes on the elliptical followed by 20 minutes on the Stairmaster and when I finished I did my interval run. And again I was running out of time because I had to pick Mira up from school but at the same time I wanted so badly finish on 3 miles. So running against the clock I kept on increasing the speed and I am telling you, I was not running on the same pair of legs I ran on in the beginning of the week. I was flying and finished my 3 miles on 23:45 minutes. Then I quickly grabbed my stuff and legged it out on the parking lot to go and grab Mira and her friend.

Now when the girls are fed I am going into the basement to finish out on some core work…Happy Valentine’s Day!

A record breaking week!

This morning Mira woke me up by calling for me and as I turn around in bed I could feel yesterdays workout. Moving one limb at the time I was assessing how bad it was and realize it was pretty bad but not as bad that I couldn’t make it over to Life Time Fitness for a run.

Over at the gym it was a free trial weekend and there was cars parked everywhere and I had difficulties finding a treadmill that was not occupied. With Thursday fresh in my mind of my next-door neighbor running like there was no tomorrow I could not do any less than my record time of 5k in 25 minutes. So I started my run by doing intervals and five minutes into it I felt I really had to go to the loo. I’m not sure what distracted me more from the boredom of running on a treadmill, was it the need of a wee or that every leap I took my legs were hurting. Anyhow I kept on running because I had a goal to achieve and I kept on increasing the speed of the intervals. When I passed the five mile mark I realized I could make 6 miles under 50 minutes and I cranked up again and finished 6 miles under 49 minutes a new record!


On stumbling legs I’m now going to watch my hero play his Saturday soccer game…Go Wilmette Wings!

A personal note to myself…

40 min

This morning I texted Laura as she mentioned yesterday she was going to a step-up class over at Lifetime Fitness. The class started at 9am so after I said Goodbye to Knut and Mira I changed into my workout clothes and ran over to the gym. Ever since we got back from our trip this weekend I’ve been ready to work hard but the run over to the gym felt very long. I don’t know if it is because it is 17 C outside and very humid and I am not used to it. It has been forever since I did a step-up class, we talking 6-7 years ago. Being a former gymnast I like to do different routines, especially as you sort of forget how hard it really is as you focusing on what you are doing instead.


The instructor was good; she was definitely pushing the class but she did not show the routines before we were suppose to do them. This left me very confused and I probably looked like a lost monkey trying to keep up with the rest of the people who doubtlessly been doing this since the beginning of time. I’m not the type of person who gives up but after 25 minutes I threw in the towel and decided to go for a run instead. This has happened to me before when I decide to tryout a class at the end of the month. The instructor keeps on building the routine throughout the month and everyone who is there consistently knows exactly what to do, except me!


Well on the treadmill I decided to do intervals but after one set my legs felt heavy and I knew I would not make it for 40 minutes. I did a flat run for 30 minutes and then finally my legs started to loosen up and I finished off the last 10 with intervals, but I had to fight for it. It is very frustration when your head says GO but your body says NO!run41

This is my new Friend…the “Black Danger”


Yesterday when we got into the car and started driving and we are out on the tollway I realize I left my “Blue Danger” in the closet!!! What a disaster, here I am planning my weekend away in every detail and I forget my runners. We were already late leaving the house so there was no way we were turning around either. I get real angry with myself and just stop talking because how could I be so stupid. I am trying to visualize myself running on the treadmill in my Uggs or barefoot and it is not a pretty sight.

As we get into the Resort area I see a sign for an Outlet, quickly I bring out my phone and Google to see where it is and what kind of stores they have. This is my lucky day; there is a Under Armour store just 3 minutes walk away from the hotel.  So after the games today Freddie dropped me off and here is my new “Black Danger”


Came back to the hotel and then quickly changed into my workout clothes and went to the gym but when I got down there all the machines was taken so instead my friend showed me some basic Pilates moves for the core.

pilates ettpilates2

After about 10 minutes one of the two functioning treadmills were available and I thought I would go for a quick run. I was running at 6.5 for 5 minutes then I started doing intervals at 6.5 and 7.0 every other minute for the next five. I then finished the last 10 minutes running at 6.5, 7.0 and 7.5 a minute each. It was not a long workout but after all it’s my day of rest!


As requested, My Blue Danger…

I have been asked where I got my “Blue Danger”. I actually got them from Road Runner sport, a store I really recommend if you are buying shoes and want to have them fitted. You start begin with standing on some kind of electronic surface that measuring the pressure of your feet. Then they let you run on a treadmill and they study your stride and how the foot touches the ground. They also take into account if you have any issues i.e. knee problems, hip, back etc. then they will bring out shoes that will match your requirement. This is by far the most comfortable shoe I ever owned but no one have ever before checked out my feet either!

Funny enough both Laura and me has very high arches and these shoes was just the best fit for both of us!

little blue

Mizuno Wave Inspire 9

With the sunny side up!


Ever since this morning started I’ve been on the go. I mentioned the other day I was going to measure my body fat at the gym. So I sat my alarm at 7am and thought I would make it before I had to go to do the “lottery” at Mira’s tennis club, witch is by the way a stupid and ancient system on how to register to get into a tennis class, and on top of it at 8am on a Saturday morning!! I couldn’t do the measurement so I made an appointment for Monday instead and ever since this day has just flown by. After registration I sat down and planned what we were going to eat for the rest of the week and all of a sudden it was past lunchtime. Running out of time I whisked a protein drink together and fried an egg with the sunny side up…not delicious, not fun but very effective and off I was to the store to get the groceries.


I got home three hours later and had to rush Knut to his practice, still with the groceries in the trunk and when I finally finished putting everything away when I got home I was totally exhausted. Freddie took the kids for some ice-skating and a pizza party with the team so they were out of my hair. My plan today, on my rest day was to take a long and relaxing walk, yeah right! I only had half an hour to spare till I had to start preparing dinner for the evenings guests so I did a 5 km run. I did not meet a single soul out in the forest preserve, the only ones who was keeping me company was two deer that was running with me in the sunset…or more like away from me. It was a very energizing run and when I got home I put the roast in the oven that actually turned out to be quite exquisite…ask my guests 😉


A frigid run…

When I dropped the kids off at the bus this morning it was so sunny and crisp outside so I decided that I was not going to go the gym today. I also had a bit more time then usually because I did not have to pick Mira up from school, so I thought I wait to let it get a little bit warmer outside before heading out. Meanwhile I thought I pay some attention to the house that I’ve been neglecting for the past few days. I do like to have a tidy house when the weekend comes around, I started the laundry machine and checked the temperature and it was still negative 4 degrees Celsius. But what can you do? It’s like that old saying in Swedish “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing” (Sound much better in Swedish). So I layered up put on my hat and gloves and went outside and started to run.


I decided that I would do a longer run than what I usual do so I didn’t push like I do on my regular run, but I still thought it went ok. I always use the “run-keeper app” on my phone so I can compare my runs, and now I have a good starting point for this new track.  Apparently you use up to 15% more energy when you are running in cold weather, the reason for it is that the body needs to keep your body parts warm i.e. lips, cheeks, neck etc. so right there you have an extra reason for using what you have on the other side of your front door.


I also enjoy running outside so much more than on the treadmill, you meet people who is walking, running, rollerblading (not too many today) and when your eyes meet you have this implicit understanding “we are on the same kind of track, you and me”. When I made it home 46 minutes later the washing machines was done and ready for the next load.


Five minutes here or there…Yes, it makes a difference!

Before the holidays Laura and me found this awesome “spinning lady” at Lifetime Fitness, she had a class on Tuesdays at 9.30, just perfect! But last week I was told she had moved to a different day, what a bummer. When you find good people who can motivate you should hold on to them real tight. So I was dragging my feet a bit this morning ending up being late for class but good for me Laura rang and she was going for a run instead. I got dressed real fast and ran over to the gym, yes I ran. I am fortunate that I don’t live far from Lifetime Fitness and can use that opportunity to get in some extra exercise.  And what a beautiful day, if I had not agreed on meeting up with Laura I would have kept on running outside.

I like running with Laura because she inspires me but the treadmill next to her was broken and now the hour run I was anticipating to put in felt awfully boring! Instead I decided to run for 20 loooong minutes followed by 20 minutes on the Stairmaster to be finished off with another 20 minutes on the elliptical.

I find it easier to break up my workout this way and I also realized I get more out of it. The first 20 I focused on getting my heartbeat up and really working on my endurance. Then right on the Stairmaster. I used one of the pre-set program to focus on lower intensity (fat burning) but still keeping my heart pumping. One of my friends rang me and I guess I could have talked to her but it would not have been to pleasant for her listening to my heavy breathing. Finally the elliptical gets me going again. I like the elliptical because you can use fun intervals that keep you concentrated on what you are doing instead on how hard it is it. It will also work not only your legs and ass but your upper body so you get more of a total body workout . When I was done, me and the “blue danger” ran back home and it actually turns out those extra minutes I put in gave me an extra mile to add on to my workout.

blue danger