I am fuming!

So we have planned for the kids and I are going to Sweden together for three weeks this summer, then I am going back home and my mom is flying the kids back to the US two weeks later.

So last week we got this deal from Scandinavian Airline to buy cheaper (never cheap) tickets. As the deal was running out the following day or so, we hurried up making our reservation with the intention of calling  the airline to connect the tickets with my moms and for me to change the date within the grace time (the kids are not allowed to have their own booking under the age of 12).

With a 24 hour window to change your mind I tried to get through to their US Customer Service number but no answer and no luck. I tried the Swedish office but by then they had already closed, being 7 hours behind and with regular life going on I don’t have the time to call every other hour…just like the rest of us, right!

This morning I got up very early to call SAS in Sweden and they are now charging me $300 to change the date. This got me a little bit upset as I had trying to call them for the past week but now I was told to speak to the US office, so I tried again…no answer. I try another number (I had already tried it earlier but was told they could not help me) and asked for a manager. So  I tried to explain my problems for the lady regarding the phones and the charge and so on. Then she turns around and says that her decision is the final!

Who is this woman, does she think she is god??

She kept on telling me that they will charge me $300 and I should have called to made the arrangement instead of booking it online. How are you suppose to know that and I did try to call, remember…no answer!

You know the feeling when you are starting to get really annoyed but try to keep calm, thats were I was and the only thing I want to do was to cry and scream in frustration! Once again I tried to explain to her that  I  had not got through on the line, so what was I supposed to do? Then she goes  “There is nothing wrong with the phones, they are working just fine”. She was so rude and she was pretty much accusing me of lying so I asked to speak to someone else but she would not let me so I ended up hanging up.


I will say I have always thought that SAS have been great flying with but their customer service absolutely sucks! I was so angry hanging up so when I came into Lifetime Fitness I had to get rid of some anger and I guess it worked as I finished 3 miles in 22.20.

2013-04-16 09.59.29

The best birthday present you can give to yourself

I think that every family have their on traditions when in comes to celebration and we are no different and today is the day when can say I made it to at least 35. Yesterday the kids were so hyped up about it so at 3 am this morning Mira wakes me up saying that daddy is in the kitchen making you a cake, whaaat…haha. We finally went back to sleep and at 8 am they all came into the bedroom singing for me with my morning coffee (no cake) and a present. We snuggled a bit in bed before I went for a quick run before we all had breakfast together.

I really wanted to run fast and I did. I finished my 3.2 run in 25.57 which is my personal best outside. My goal is to run 5 k under 25 minutes but I think this is the best gift I can give to myself…My fitness 🙂

2013-04-14 10.02.21


Change it up…

Today I had made an appointment with a friend of mine that is becoming a Pilates instructor but she needs a “bunny” to practice on before she is certified. Still I did not want to miss out on my cardio so I went to Lifetime Fitness for a quick run before I drove over to her house.

I had already made up my mind last night on what I was going to do and I knew I had limited time at the disposal. I started running at a speed of 7.0 and every minute I increased with 0.1 and I finished 2 miles on 15.38 but I will admit that my legs were heavy and I felt very far from a gazelle :). Still I did not give up at I sprinted for 6 intervals before I rushed over to Rebecca’s.

2013-04-09 12.42.51

I have never ever done Pilates before and I guess I never really giving it much thought either and the first thing Rebecca had me doing was figure out my breathing. When I had that figured out (sort of) we started working the core and yes they are sore from yesterday. I do believe that my abs are fairly strong but with the type of movements we were doing this was completely different, especially when Rebecca corrects the posture.

2013-04-09 12.40.40

I know have only done this once but I do think I like it. It really teaches you to control your body and reckon this could be another piece in order to achieve a more holistic perspective to my workouts and lifestyle. Next week we are doing it over at lifetime and it sounds like we are using more “tools” then just the mat and I’m really looking forward to it!






Really…I think someone was taking the piss today!

When I left the house for my “recovery jog” this morning I had about 40 minutes until I had to be back in order to get Mira from school. I started out light but I guess I’m not really a recovery type of person. I took a track I normally don’t run, the track that Freddie runs. I do know where he turns around so I ended up running faster and faster trying to get to the power line, I didn’t make it though because the thing was I also had to get back in time…lol

blue sky

When we got home from school I was very hungry and I released I hadn’t eaten any breakfast so I grabbed some leftovers from last night and took a seat outside on the patio thinking I would enjoy my lunch in the sun. Now, some genius then thought it was a good idea to start burning leafs (or something) so this thick stinking smoke stated to cover the neighborhood.  Of all the cold and freezing days we have had they had to pick today to burn stuff. I grabbed my plate and finished my lunch inside, not being able to be outside we took the car to Hartigan’s Ice Cream Shoppe and the kids picked their favorite flavor happy as could be.



Another Battle and another Victory

So last week was not so great for me regarding my running, it was actually pretty crap! So today I was nervous about going over to Lifetime Fitness to do my workout. I pulled myself together and drove the car over, I was driving not only because the wind was god awful but also because I did not want to rush to get Mira from school.

Once I was at the gym I started to stretch out the legs and trying to come up with a plan for upcoming hour. I was thinking about dividing the cardio between the stair-master, elliptical and the treadmill but at the same time I really wanted to break that mental barrier from last week when I hardly made it past 3 miles without stopping.

So instead of making a goal for the distance I made a goal for the time, which was “How far can I get in an hour” and I started to run. The fist 3 miles were easy so I decided to increase the speed every 10 minutes by 0.1 and at the 47-minute I was running at a speed of 7.4 when my calves turned into tennis balls (i have big calves… lol). I kept on convincing myself that I only had a few minutes left but wow did it hurt! I was really trying to run to the beat of the music to push through the pain. At the 55 minute I increased the speed one more time and when the hour was up the treadmill finished on 7.2 miles and once again I am back on track!






A legal run

So we have had a crazy busy weekend that started yesterday with a soccer game followed by hockey practice. Mira and I did not wait around because we where getting ready for her wall climbing birthday party  so we ran over to Target to get some stuff for the goodie bags.

I normally rest on Saturdays but I was meeting my Swedish girlfriend at NoMi Restaurant in  Chicago for drinks, I love that place and then dinner over at Tavernita but with Mira’s birthday party I was not sure if I would be able to make it today. So as soon as Knut’s hockey was done we drove over to Life Time Fitness so I could do a quick run done before getting ready. The thing was that after last week intense workouts I did not have a lot to give but I managed to do interval sprinting for 30 minutes. When I was done I had to sit down because I honestly thought I would puke if I took another step and it took me a good few minutes before I could go and fetch the kids from the child center. This was not one of my prettiest workouts but at least it was legal as I received my work permit in the mail yesterday, woohoo!


 It was not only me who was going out to enjoy myself. Mira and Freddie was going for the father/daughter dance over at the school so at the same time as I was getting ready Mira was doing her hair and nails. She was so pretty and she also picked out Freddie’s shirt and tie that matched her dress (she is a real fashionista). I think this was a much needed time for them both and she really had a blast with her dad and all her friends!








There is always tomorrow…or is it?

This morning started with the sun shining through the windows and I had my first cup of coffee all alone in a sleepy house. My plan was to go for a four mile run over at Lifetime Fitness but I was potting around the house and before I knew it the clock had passed noon and we had a birthday party, hockey game and the end of the season hockey party so the run was not happening.

2013-03-03 14.55.32

It was the very last game today with this awesome team and it was also Knut’s last game as a mite and what a game! The team played really well and all the Wilmette fans got one final great show. After the game we picked up Mira and we went to the end of season party over at Michigan Shores Club. The kids were bowling and having a blast while the parents nibbled on some great non “low carb” hors d’oeuvre’s next to an open bar.


I was offered a drink but turned it down as I said I was going to the gym and I also mentioned I was trying to run my four miles in 30 minutes. When I finally stood on that treadmill I thought to myself that I might have been a little too optimistic regards my abilities but I thought I would give it a go, so pushed myself very hard and completed the four miles in 29.57.

Back at the club I was very tempted to have that glass of wine and do the run another day but I believe it is at these moments when your choices will determine if you hit your goals or not and I am very glad I made the right choice!


When you think you have given it all…

Today was the 6th day of working out and when getting out of bed my body was screaming to me not to torture it anymore but my head knew better so I texted L to see of she was going for a run and maybe I would have some company.


 When I walked onto to floor MsT and L was already going on the treadmill. I told L I was taking it easy and started a warm up on 6.5 to increase it to 7.0. When I run I have a lot thoughts that goes around in my head and I began thinking about my neighbor when she had her famous “recovery day”. Was this all I could do on mine? So excuse my French but that was when I thought F#*K this and I started to crank up my speed.

When I passed the four mile mark I thought I can do this and kept on running and the closer I got to six miles the more I wanted to make it under 50 minutes. The last five minutes I ran at 8.0 to finish my last minute and on 9.3 and completed the run at exactly 49 minutes. It really feels like an accomplishment when you conquer your negative thoughts and push yourself passed what you thought would be possible!

You are only as good as your last game!

I mentioned last week that I was on a roll with my running and that I had my fastest run ever, 10K under 48 minutes and it felt goooood. The thing is that we always tell the kids, especially Knut as he is doing travel hockey and soccer that we are very proud of them and we think that they are awesome and we let them thrive on the moment. But as soon as the moment is over we also tell them “you are only as good as you last game”. I can pat my own back a million times but that will take me nowhere, it is time to get over myself so I’ve set a new goal!

 I am going to run 10K under 45 minutes! Yes, I know it is 3 minutes faster and I know it will not happened this week but I am aiming for end of April. In fact I went for a run this morning. My plan was to run 6 miles but after 3 I knew I wasn’t able to keep the same tempo for another 3 as I am still very tired from yesterdays crazy workout. But I don’t give up that easy so instead of keep on running I started doing sprints at 9.5 m/h for a full minute (I was running for about 1.20 minutes in total) and then I walked for 30 sec for another two miles.


I’m not completely satisfied with todays work even though I worked my ass off. I guess I can for sure stop patting my back now as I was not even close to personal best but I will look forward and focus on my new goal!


Hanging with the kids on the ice rink

I could not for my life fall asleep last night and it started with the rainstorm that kept me awake half the night and I when the temperature dropped this animal started screaming outside my window. I don’t think my head was not turned on straight as I thought maybe a cat got tuck on the rink and frozen it’s tiny paws to the ice!!!  Hmm…good thing I got a sleep in this morning as the kids had another day off school today as well as t there was no animals in sight anywhere near our house, thank god!

I managed to convince Knut to come with me to Life Time Fitness this morning. He is getting too old for the childcare and think it is boring, so I did a four mile run and I wanted to be done fast knowing that he wasn’t enjoying himself that much. I always do intervals and started 1 minute running at 7.0 and 1 minute at 7.5. And then I increased the speed every five minutes i.e. 7.1 and 7.6 till I got to 7.5 and 8.0. At that point I just kept on increasing the speed till I hit my four miles and I think I finished roughly at 32 minutes.

When we got home we had lunch and then we spent a good hour skating together and we had so much fun. Yesterday Mira got an ice skating outfit for her American Girl Doll as it was her 6th birthday so she was practicing with “Elisabet” while me and Knut was playing hockey. I never realized how much of your “lats” you actually use shooting the puck but it was a gently reminded as they are very sore from yesterday’s workout 🙂

american girl

malin hockey

I will never ever be able to skate as fast as Knut that just flew over the edge…lol

(he was ok and laughed)

knut off the ice