Five fast k’s

Yesterday was a very slow day but for some reason I did not manage to drag myself out for the long run I had planned for. So after I picked up Mira from a birthday part and completed the grocery shopping I left all the bags in the kitchen and thought if I don’t put my running shoes on the run was not going to happen and I knew I was going to be so disappointed.

With a new running app (runtastic) on my phone and music pumping in my ears I went out to the tracks in the forest preserve and I was pretty much alone. I completed my 5 k run with a 5 min/km which as been a goal of mine and it felt so good but now when it’s done I want to run faster ;).

2013-06-02 17.52.05

Now I am heading out to meet Jonathan and I am curious what he has in mind for us this morning…

Fast and furious

If I didn’t knew better I would have thought it was winter all over again when I stepped outside this morning to send the kids off to school. I guess this is the ind of days when you are happy you actually have a gym membership because running outside in wind, rain and cold is never appealing. When I came into to lifetime fitness I thought I would give it a try to see how long of a distance I could run in an hour. The thing was that my hamstring was about as tight as they come after the kick as workout from yesterday. After running two miles in a decent tempo my legs had it but I managed to push myself for another 2.3 miles before I gave in and gave them a 7 minutes rest. The last 10 minutes of my cardio I did a sprint interval at a speed of 10.5 30 sec on and 30 sec off and when I was done I was finished!

After I picked Mira up from school we went to an old friend of mine for lunch and a good long chat while Mira was playing with the cuties Maltese puppy!

And now we waaaaaant one 😉


A Tuesday run

I do love to read but I go through periods when I do not touch a book and this has been the case for the past few months but one of my swedish friends decided to start a book club and I was not far behind to join in. Anyhow the other day I went to the library to lend the “Rules of civility” by Amor Towles. I started reading and I am hooked and last night I ended up going to bed well past midnight so waking up to this crazy busy Tuesday I was very tired but with my mind already made up on running I went outside and what a morning!


One of the goals I have set for myself before I go back to Sweden is to run the distance of a half a marathon and with a slight breeze, sun and not to hot I went up to the woods and completed a 10k run. I have never even thought about trying to run a 1/2 marathon before so I’m not sure what pace I am supposed to keep but I guess it is all about trial and error. I had hoped that I would have run farther because coming back to the house I still had some juice left in the legs but at 10 am I had to rush over to Lifetime Fitness to meet Rebecca for our Pilates session and when the hour was done so was my legs ;).




Me and woods

I went for a 8k run this morning it was warm, long and hard but still absolutely beautiful. My legs were a bit stiff from yesterdays workout and I will admit that I am not the best to make sure I stretch out properly afterwards. So when I had about 2k left my hamstrings was screaming and the only thing I wanted to do was to lay down in the green grass and let my hammies relax but I kept on going because I knew the feeling of completion when I finally got home is unbeatable!

2013-05-16 20.28.29

Pilates Tuesday

I love the Pilates with all the great “names” that comes with the different moves, somehow it almost takes me back to being a child. So last week I did not blog much but I met up with Rebecca as I do on Tuesdays and she taught us the “swan” and the “flamingo” moves and it is really interesting and I am loving it more and more after every session.

Later that afternoon Mira had her swimming lesson and I thought I would get a quick run in When I tell her Mira gets a little concerned and I had to promise her that I would be back  in time. And I tell you I have never run so fast in my life and when I got back to “Big Blue” I had to give it a few minutes before I walked in because I was about to puke…haha that’s how I stay motivated to run fast 🙂

2013-05-14 22.04.512013-05-14 22.04.18

Today I started my day with a 4.74 mile run, trying out a new track. Even tough it was a beautiful morning it was just a little bit to windy for my liking but I think I have decided that this will be my new “middle” distance that I will run at least once a week. When I got home I hurried to change into new workout clothes to make it more pleasant for anyone that had to be around me and as I was changing I realized I managed to get a tan line from my shorts and top…lol.

As always Rebecca didn’t disappoint as we climbed trees and stretched in the mermaid position. I was glad I had already completed my run because  I left felt so relaxed when the hour was over but I will admit that I was tired in the afternoon, not sure if it was the workouts or the fact it has been very hot today…either way I will not complain 🙂

2013-05-14 21.18.592013-05-14 21.17.47


I can run when I am happy too

So last week I wrote about my awful experience trying to rebook my airfare to Sweden and I spoke to a horrible woman who thought she was god and wanted me to pay $300 in order to change my ticket. I don’t normally complain but for 300 bucks I put a letter together and sent it to someone at customer relations in Sweden and before lunch the following day my ticket was rebooked, they also arranged so the kids and my mom are flying together and no charge….That is what I call Customer Service, Thank you Scandinavian Airline!


So feeling like I won over the horrible woman I went to the Life Time Fitness and completed a 6 mile run in 46.02 a new personal best! I guess you can use negative as well as positive energy and turn it into to something constructive because I have 1 minute and 2 seconds to catch up before I reach one of my goals!






I am fuming!

So we have planned for the kids and I are going to Sweden together for three weeks this summer, then I am going back home and my mom is flying the kids back to the US two weeks later.

So last week we got this deal from Scandinavian Airline to buy cheaper (never cheap) tickets. As the deal was running out the following day or so, we hurried up making our reservation with the intention of calling  the airline to connect the tickets with my moms and for me to change the date within the grace time (the kids are not allowed to have their own booking under the age of 12).

With a 24 hour window to change your mind I tried to get through to their US Customer Service number but no answer and no luck. I tried the Swedish office but by then they had already closed, being 7 hours behind and with regular life going on I don’t have the time to call every other hour…just like the rest of us, right!

This morning I got up very early to call SAS in Sweden and they are now charging me $300 to change the date. This got me a little bit upset as I had trying to call them for the past week but now I was told to speak to the US office, so I tried again…no answer. I try another number (I had already tried it earlier but was told they could not help me) and asked for a manager. So  I tried to explain my problems for the lady regarding the phones and the charge and so on. Then she turns around and says that her decision is the final!

Who is this woman, does she think she is god??

She kept on telling me that they will charge me $300 and I should have called to made the arrangement instead of booking it online. How are you suppose to know that and I did try to call, remember…no answer!

You know the feeling when you are starting to get really annoyed but try to keep calm, thats were I was and the only thing I want to do was to cry and scream in frustration! Once again I tried to explain to her that  I  had not got through on the line, so what was I supposed to do? Then she goes  “There is nothing wrong with the phones, they are working just fine”. She was so rude and she was pretty much accusing me of lying so I asked to speak to someone else but she would not let me so I ended up hanging up.


I will say I have always thought that SAS have been great flying with but their customer service absolutely sucks! I was so angry hanging up so when I came into Lifetime Fitness I had to get rid of some anger and I guess it worked as I finished 3 miles in 22.20.

2013-04-16 09.59.29