I have awesome friends and thank you for a great night!

So me and my gals went downtown to NoMi on Saturday Night so celebrate my birthday and we had an absolutely fabulous time not to mention the food. MrsT had arranged a table next to the panorama windows with a fantastic view over Michigan Avenue and the Lake. I just love sitting and watch the pulse of the city while sipping on a cocktail and chatting away with my friends and I was so happy when they had elk carpaccio because I think this is the only time I actually have had anything close to game meat….haha this is the true swede in me speaking 😉

2013-04-29 08.36.23

We finished the off the evening in the bar I kept on feeling how my throat was pounding which was not a great sign. When I woke up on Sunday morning I had this crazy head cold and I knew I had to take it easy so I rested out yesterday and went to bed early with the kids. I’m not in the greatest shape today but I am feeling better and I will make it in to see Jonathan because I have gone two days without a workout and it really starts to bother me…

A legal run

So we have had a crazy busy weekend that started yesterday with a soccer game followed by hockey practice. Mira and I did not wait around because we where getting ready for her wall climbing birthday party  so we ran over to Target to get some stuff for the goodie bags.

I normally rest on Saturdays but I was meeting my Swedish girlfriend at NoMi Restaurant in  Chicago for drinks, I love that place and then dinner over at Tavernita but with Mira’s birthday party I was not sure if I would be able to make it today. So as soon as Knut’s hockey was done we drove over to Life Time Fitness so I could do a quick run done before getting ready. The thing was that after last week intense workouts I did not have a lot to give but I managed to do interval sprinting for 30 minutes. When I was done I had to sit down because I honestly thought I would puke if I took another step and it took me a good few minutes before I could go and fetch the kids from the child center. This was not one of my prettiest workouts but at least it was legal as I received my work permit in the mail yesterday, woohoo!


 It was not only me who was going out to enjoy myself. Mira and Freddie was going for the father/daughter dance over at the school so at the same time as I was getting ready Mira was doing her hair and nails. She was so pretty and she also picked out Freddie’s shirt and tie that matched her dress (she is a real fashionista). I think this was a much needed time for them both and she really had a blast with her dad and all her friends!








I have been to heaven and back!

Yesterday we went downtown Chicago for dinner, Freddie had made the reservation and the only thing I knew was the name of the restaurant and that we were eating a six course tasting menu. We rushed through the heavy traffic on the highway and just made it on time down to Chicago’s meat packing district, Fulton Market and iNG http://www.ingrestaurant.com.

2013-02-15 00.05.24

I love this area where the meat trucks are lined up & down the empty street and all of a sudden you find very trendy restaurants and art galleries between the rundown buildings.

2013-02-15 00.21.01

Like I said yesterday, I’ve chosen my moments very carefully when I am going to indulge yet I couldn’t help that my heart dropped a little bit when I saw pizza as the second course on the pre-set menu. When we got the first course I was very happy because it was Jonah crab and prawns in a fish sauce and absolutely delicious. As I’m eating I’m thinking in the back of my head “the damage is not too bad, right?!” and then the pizza arrived, it was mind blowing…

2013-02-15 00.07.25A low-carb and dairy-free Pizza!!!

…not to mention the dessert, (yes d-e-s-s-e-r-t) and in came in a little lemon tart heart! As it turns out the restaurant and the chef Homaro Cantu focuses on low glycemic food and they are using a magic berry powder. Not to sweeten the food but to change your taste buds so acidic foods like lemon and vinegar don’t taste sour anymore.

2013-02-15 00.10.50

I have had the most amazing food experience ever and I’m still walking on clouds this morning. I couldn’t imagine eating at a more appropriate and interesting place where the food was right up my alley…


This is pure love, thank you Freddie!