I’m not in the mood for being modest…I kicked ass today!

I always believed that those days you feel like you can’t do it but you push though it anyway is the days you get paid for when things are flying and today I received my paycheck!


Today was not a cardio-based workout it was all about the heavy weight but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it anyway. John started us off with the usual core routine something you can’t have enough of and then we brought out the iron.


The focus was totally on our biceps, triceps, upper back and the pecks. I used 15 lbs. dumbbells and after the second set, going into my third doing hammer curls to a shoulder press I thought I would hit failure and sort of mentioned it. The response from John was pretty much “suck it up and finish your set” and I love that. It is so easy when you are on your own that you don’t do the last 2-3 reps but they are the ones that makes the difference.



The hour flew by, it was fun, it was challenging and I was on fire!!!