Don’t ever pick a snow fight with a Swede!

After the Knut finished school we went over to a friends house to bring her kids over to our house for a playdate. The street they live on is very narrow and has a lot of turns so you have to drive very carefully so you don’t hit a kid or a pedestrian walking their dog.

Today you had to take it extra slow because the roads were very slippery and as I’m coming close to a car that is parked on the side of the street five or six boys jumps out from behind it and start throwing snowball at mine.

The kids started screaming in the backseat “They threw snowballs at us”and just as I am doing a right turn the car starts skidding sideways and now they are super thrilled. I asked the kids if we should give it to them and they all went “YEEEEEES!” so I turned the car around and the boys started to run and trying to hide not knowing what to expect. I jump out of the car and start throwing snowballs back at them and we had a full on snow fight for a few minutes. I am pretty sure they never ever had a middle-aged unknown woman bombard them with snowballs before.


Getting back in the car we were all laughing and I had to catch my breath because running in the snow and throwing snowballs it is like an interval training on its on…haha!


This is my new Friend…the “Black Danger”


Yesterday when we got into the car and started driving and we are out on the tollway I realize I left my “Blue Danger” in the closet!!! What a disaster, here I am planning my weekend away in every detail and I forget my runners. We were already late leaving the house so there was no way we were turning around either. I get real angry with myself and just stop talking because how could I be so stupid. I am trying to visualize myself running on the treadmill in my Uggs or barefoot and it is not a pretty sight.

As we get into the Resort area I see a sign for an Outlet, quickly I bring out my phone and Google to see where it is and what kind of stores they have. This is my lucky day; there is a Under Armour store just 3 minutes walk away from the hotel.  So after the games today Freddie dropped me off and here is my new “Black Danger”


Came back to the hotel and then quickly changed into my workout clothes and went to the gym but when I got down there all the machines was taken so instead my friend showed me some basic Pilates moves for the core.

pilates ettpilates2

After about 10 minutes one of the two functioning treadmills were available and I thought I would go for a quick run. I was running at 6.5 for 5 minutes then I started doing intervals at 6.5 and 7.0 every other minute for the next five. I then finished the last 10 minutes running at 6.5, 7.0 and 7.5 a minute each. It was not a long workout but after all it’s my day of rest!