Hanging with the kids on the ice rink

I could not for my life fall asleep last night and it started with the rainstorm that kept me awake half the night and I when the temperature dropped this animal started screaming outside my window. I don’t think my head was not turned on straight as I thought maybe a cat got tuck on the rink and frozen it’s tiny paws to the ice!!!  Hmm…good thing I got a sleep in this morning as the kids had another day off school today as well as t there was no animals in sight anywhere near our house, thank god!

I managed to convince Knut to come with me to Life Time Fitness this morning. He is getting too old for the childcare and think it is boring, so I did a four mile run and I wanted to be done fast knowing that he wasn’t enjoying himself that much. I always do intervals and started 1 minute running at 7.0 and 1 minute at 7.5. And then I increased the speed every five minutes i.e. 7.1 and 7.6 till I got to 7.5 and 8.0. At that point I just kept on increasing the speed till I hit my four miles and I think I finished roughly at 32 minutes.

When we got home we had lunch and then we spent a good hour skating together and we had so much fun. Yesterday Mira got an ice skating outfit for her American Girl Doll as it was her 6th birthday so she was practicing with “Elisabet” while me and Knut was playing hockey. I never realized how much of your “lats” you actually use shooting the puck but it was a gently reminded as they are very sore from yesterday’s workout 🙂

american girl

malin hockey

I will never ever be able to skate as fast as Knut that just flew over the edge…lol

(he was ok and laughed)

knut off the ice

The last game

Yesterday Knut played his last game before the playoffs, and what a season. It has really been a pleasure watching the kids develop throughout this year and lets hope they’ll bring home their own “Stanley Cup”…


After the game Knut went to a friend’s house and me and Freddie managed to squeeze in an hour at the gym and that Brazilian workout made it self reminded as I was climbing he stairs on the Stairmaster. As soon as we got home we opened up the rink in our backyard. Freddie was skating with Mira and she is really starting to get fast. She keeps on saying she wants to do the “other” hockey…figure skating that is but we’ll see. Annika came over with her family to skate and those who no longer practice ice skating could watch the children from inside celebrating Grandma Barbro’s birthday with a glass of champagne!

2013-02-02 20.06.322013-02-02 20.09.13

Disney on Ice…hmmm


I started out this Sunday making cinnamon rolls and no, they were not low-carb, low-fat or for me!! They are for tomorrows scrimmage in our back yard but it didn’t go so well. I totally destroyed the first batch, too much sugar, too much flour and the dough didn’t want to rise.  I ended up spending my entire morning in the kitchen. Well, pretty much until Laura came over with her boys for some ice-skating after lunch, mine never came in for theirs so they ate on the ice.


Laura and me finally got our skates on and wow we had some fun. Around 2.30 Laura was going for a run at Life Time Fitness and we had to take Knut to practice. I had borrowed skates from a friend that was a bit too small so I decided to go to Wilmette Bike shop to get my own.


When we got back home we had a new bunch of friends on the ice. I put on my new skates and skated with the kids for a good hour and a half. We were playing tag and once again my “rest’ day turned into a full on cardio/leg day and at the end I was drenched. It had been a great Sunday and when we came inside we lit a fire and had a well deserved dinner.

skatei top