Log lifting is the new trend…

 It was meant I was going to see Jonathan on Thursday morning instead of Friday because Knut had a music show in his school but because of the flooding we were trapped in the house as the street was completely covered in water. I could not even workout on the elliptical in the basement because showering was out of the question, at one point we didn’t even flush the toilets because my neighbors had sewage coming into their houses!

Yesterday when I woke up there was snow on the ground and freezing cold outside. I had not worked out in two days (a very weird feeling) and running outside was not that tempting so I opted for the elliptical. I will admit my heart was not completely there but I stuck it out for 45 minutes but as soon as the TV show was over I was done. The rest of the day I was cleaning and painting my basement so I was not completely still as I was climbing up and down the ladder just like my own stairmaster…lol.


Today I am going to do a 5k run to get the good old feeling back of how great it feels to workout but I have a few things to get to first around the house. We had Comcast here earlier this spring and they trimmed down two trees and left the logs for us to use as firewood . Now when the water has receded the logs are spread out across the yard so we are spending a good part of the day cleaning up and I am sure it will be a nice leg and back workout because I have a feeling that the logs are very heavy!


DIY…I am totally exhausted!

This morning I drove the to paint store to pick up some paint and ever since I have spent this beautiful day painting our media room in the basement. Freddie think that I sometimes go a little bit over the top when I get into things and painting is one of them. It just is so hard to find a good wall to stop at and the feeling when it is done is unbeatable, just like a great workout!

I was climbing up and down the ladder rolling the roller trying to squeeze out the paint on the walls and realized that I actually almost got a total body workout at the end of it. At six o’clock I rose for the basement and I had no clue what to make for dinner so I kindly passed it on to Freddie. He is not know for being a wizard in the kitchen so he went to Chipotle to pick up some chicken salads for us…The chicken week continues…haha


After dinner I could easily just have crashed in bed but I was set on doing some cardio. The thing was I was not in the mood of going over to the gym and it was already dark outside so running was also out of the question, instead I did 45 minutes on the elliptical and now I am so ready for bed!