Our aspirations are our possibilities.

At 4 am this morning a little Mira snuck in between my sheets hot as an oven so when the bus arrived it was only Knut who left for school. So with Mira home there was no gym time for me today at least I thought but then I got thinking.


When we moved to the US all our belongings was shipped from Sweden including all our electronics not thinking that North America has a different voltage that pretty much left us with a lot of appliances that are now useless including our elliptical. This elliptical of ours has been stored in the garage for the last 4 years but we do have a transformer so we can make it work. It was now time to dust it off and I was going through boxes trying to find the electrical cord. When I did I managed to move it from the garage to the house with my well earned new muscles ;).

workout home

The elliptical is not fancy in any shape or form but it has a few programs and I had forgotten how efficient it was. I did an hour interval training in front of the TV and I was soaking wet by the time I was done and Mira was fast asleep in the sofa.


Commitment and no excuses!

I will admit, I am a time optimist and I am also late to a lot of things. So coming into this day I knew yesterday I would have a lot on my plate today so I decided I would get in to Lifetime early to have my Cardio over and done with. I also love my bed in the morning, so when the alarm went off the desire to stay in bed was beyond tempting and maybe, just maybe I could get my workout in later on today.  Then the better sense of me took over and I dragged myself to the gym and I was there by 6.30.

When I get into the locker room still half a sleep and I meet this woman who is coming down from the workout floor and I tell her “Lucky! I wish I was you, already done”. She smiles at me and goes “I got woke up at 4.45 just so I could come before my I day gets busy”.

I look at those people who have the commitment no matter what. They truly inspire me because if it means they have to wake up 2 hours early to workout, they do it and there are no excuses!

Still sleepy I went upstairs I thought I would kick it off on the Stairmaster, taking it slow in the beginning. Yeah right, whom am I kidding, there is nothing easy with the Stairmaster after 20 minutes I was drenched in sweat. The last 30 minutes I spent on an Elliptical I never tried before and I don’t know if it was all the arm workout we put in this week but it was crazy hard and it really got my heart pumping. Now I have sent the kids to school and I am shooting out the door to start my busy day!


Five minutes here or there…Yes, it makes a difference!

Before the holidays Laura and me found this awesome “spinning lady” at Lifetime Fitness, she had a class on Tuesdays at 9.30, just perfect! But last week I was told she had moved to a different day, what a bummer. When you find good people who can motivate you should hold on to them real tight. So I was dragging my feet a bit this morning ending up being late for class but good for me Laura rang and she was going for a run instead. I got dressed real fast and ran over to the gym, yes I ran. I am fortunate that I don’t live far from Lifetime Fitness and can use that opportunity to get in some extra exercise.  And what a beautiful day, if I had not agreed on meeting up with Laura I would have kept on running outside.

I like running with Laura because she inspires me but the treadmill next to her was broken and now the hour run I was anticipating to put in felt awfully boring! Instead I decided to run for 20 loooong minutes followed by 20 minutes on the Stairmaster to be finished off with another 20 minutes on the elliptical.

I find it easier to break up my workout this way and I also realized I get more out of it. The first 20 I focused on getting my heartbeat up and really working on my endurance. Then right on the Stairmaster. I used one of the pre-set program to focus on lower intensity (fat burning) but still keeping my heart pumping. One of my friends rang me and I guess I could have talked to her but it would not have been to pleasant for her listening to my heavy breathing. Finally the elliptical gets me going again. I like the elliptical because you can use fun intervals that keep you concentrated on what you are doing instead on how hard it is it. It will also work not only your legs and ass but your upper body so you get more of a total body workout . When I was done, me and the “blue danger” ran back home and it actually turns out those extra minutes I put in gave me an extra mile to add on to my workout.

blue danger