The Mind-Body Harmonisation of Physical Exercise or Why Exercise is like Meditation



Physical exercise is so much more than just attempting to look good.  It’s not something necessary for ONLY some people nor should it be about being vain. Yes’s it is about losing weight if you need to for health, sometimes it is about rehabilitation after injuries, but much much more than that working out is about discovering your INNER STRENGTH, developing COURAGE, WILL POWER, SELF DISCIPLINE and DETERMINATION.

Working out teaches you to take the time for yourself and realise your SELF WORTH, the importance, benefits and the amazing results that come from looking after yourself.

The mind that was once the enemy, at first resisting everything, saying you’re not strong enough, fit enough, that you can’t do it, with practice because a powerful ally, connecting to the body in a harmonising union that not only teaches you how to power through the tough times in your workout but…

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I woke up to a disaster…

 I spent Wednesday morning at Lifestyle Fitness (the warehouse) lifting weights that for me was so heavy that I needed Jonathan to spot me or otherwise I would have dropped them on my face, not sure how pretty that would have been…

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So after this intense workout I tried to blog on Wednesday nigh but I was so tired I decided to finish the post in the morning. Well, that did not happen as planned as my friend called me in the 5.30 in the morning asking me to come and get her as she thought her house was about to flood. I jumped in the car and our street had already started to flood and went to get them. When we got back to my house another flash flood came poring down and the water in my backyard kept on coming closer and closer up the hill.


As soon as the rain stopped we went outside and this point we were unable to leave the area. We could not get out and for those who tried ended up with very expensive car repairs… When we came up to the park that was no longer a field, it looked much more like Lake Michigan.


We were very lucky and managed to keep the water out of our house but I feel so sorry for my neighbors who I saw pumping water out of their houses, tearing carpet out of their basements as sewage was coming up through their sinks and for some who ended up having to evacuate altogether! Today the water is receding, the kids are back to school and life starts to get back to normal.

Lil' Miss Liberty


Yummy!  Spring is starting to creep into the monotonous cycle of snow and cold,  and what better way to celebrate than a refreshing smoothie to recover from a day of ballet?  I like to drink one everyday after I get home, within 20-60 minutes after the all day workout that is being a professional ballet dancer.  Respecting this window is prime because it allows your muscles to start the repair process while they are most ready to recieve fuel.  I usually use some combination of coconut water, 100% fruit juice, chia seeds, and frozen fruit.

Why this is a recovery smoothie that rocks:

CHIA SEEDS have a high concentration of fibre, antioxidants, magnesium, and iron.  In addition, they help with hydration, which is huge for athletes!


COCONUT WATER is chock full of electrolytes.  Nature’s energy drink!


FRUIT AND REAL FRUIT JUICE You can use any combination of fruits and juices that you’d like.  You really can’t go wrong!  Take…

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Interval Sprinting

I think this snowstorm of ours is going to be like the rest of them, a lot of warnings but not a lot of snow. Anyhow I met up with MsT over at Lifetime Fitness this morning and she joined me doing sprints on the treadmill.

I started with a 15 minutes walk on an incline on the treadmill before I stretched out my legs. I am actually not too sore where I thought I would be but feeling a little tight in this odd muscle close to my hip. After my warm-up I got to work and started sprinting at 9.5 for 1 full minute (I only started the time when I was at full speed) and then I walked it out for about 35 seconds before I started again. The last 5 intervals I did at 9.5 for thirty seconds and 10.0 for another 30 seconds till I reached my goal of three miles which took me 25 minutes.


I find that sprint training goes by fast as I focus so much on the clock that the pain is actually bearable and I know I can push for those last seconds when it feels like the legs are going to give in. Other positives are that when you give it all for that short period of time will you give your metabolism a boost. So if weight loss is your goal you will end up burning more calories. I do it because I want to improve my cardiovascular fitness so I can run faster and longer distances.

 Tomorrow I will be back at warehouse lifting some good old weights!


Here we go again…

I had not even started my workout today and already I felt exhausted driving to the warehouse. I think it was because I only had two boiled eggs for dinner as the rest of the family ate over at Michigan Shore Club and I couldn’t be asked of making anything else but I was for sure paying for it today although I had a solid breakfast.

Jonathan was back from his trip in Arizona and with a tan and all energized up with Vitamin D he took our workout to and stepped it up and it felt and it for sure looks like I’ve been stuck in a mine for the past six months. However chattered I felt I had to tuck it to the back of my head and using pure willpower to get through the hour.


As always Mondays are total body but we put a lot on focus on legs but especially the arms working not too heavy weights but I would not call them lightweight either.


We mixed the weights with cardio intervals between the circuits two minutes on the bike, elliptical and the rowing machine and we gave it all those six minutes before we went back lifting the weights. We never really had a rest as we consistently moving and when we were finished the arms was shivering.


This was a great start to the week lets just hope we will be able to make it in on Wednesday and that this snowstorm that is expected won’t be that bad after all.

One day I’ll try them…sounds divine!

Linn, löpning och livsglädje

Nästan fredag, och vad passar bättre än något gott till torsdagsfikat på eftermiddagen? Mintchokladbollar!!

De är fantastiskt ljuvliga och smakar som en blandning mellan mariannechoklad och after eight, utan att ens försöka modifiera sanningen. De är verkligen riktigt goda! De får njutas med måtta dock, helt klart ett bättre alternativ än godis men de är väldigt kaloririka (140-150 kcal per styck beräknat på att man gör 17 st).

För ca 15-20 st:
1 dl ekologisk kakao (helst rå som köpes i hälsokostbutiker och har bättre näringssammansättning)
3 dl cashewnötter
2 dl mandlar
½ dl flytande honung
6 droppar pepparmyntsolja (en eterisk olja i hälsokostbutiker, eller en annan variant i vanliga livsmedelsbutiker – då kanske någon extra droppe behövs)

Tillsätt 2 msk kokosolja vid behov och ev. mer honung om det blir svårt att forma bollarna. 

Gör såhär: 
Mixa nötterna finkorniga. Tillsätt resterande ingredienser och mixa tills du har en välblandad…

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