The naked truth…

I’m crinching over the fact it is time for the embarrassing pics again but here we go…

bild 1 mon senJanuary At the start 1/9/13February

2013-03-08 12.43.55March

2013-04-11 11.05.432013-04-11 12.15.23 April

Not sure if there is any difference on the pictures but I  have always “suffered” from the flared out thighs and now I actually feel and see less “flare”, this is something  I always been conscious about and it is an awesome felling.

The other thing I did today before my cardio session was to check in on my monthly body composition and when I stepped on the scale I had actually gained 2 pounds since the last time! But as soon as I got the results of my body composition I relaxed instantly as my body fat had decreased from 20.1% to 18.7% and now I am just like an 18-year old because who want’s to be 19 years and 10 months…This is just like a time machine…Wohoo!

…so who cares about the pounds, it’s all about the muscles baby 🙂

Did I miss my weigh in day?

No, I was back on the scale yesterday and I am down the to the same weight I was before are gained last week, 56.3kg or 124.2 lbs.


 I have decided not to update my weight and measurement every week for now on, as I don’t think I’ll loose any more significant weight. Instead I will update my monthly body composition and I had my body fat measured this past Tuesday.


In January it was at 21.8% and in February 20.1%. I think this will reflect my fitness progress more accurate than what the scale says and when I attempting to use the tape measurement sizing my bottom 😉

Whaaaat…I’m up in weight!!!

I have not eaten anything different this past week except when we went out for our Valentines dinner but I am up in weight half a pound. It’s not an awful lot but it still bothers me even though I know why I feel bloated and craving ever piece of chocolate I see 😉

 Weight: 56.6 kg 124.8 lbs.

Thigh: 53.5 cm 21.06”

Hips:93.5 cm 36.8”

Waist: 68 cm 26.7”

Belly:77 cm 30.3”

Upper Arm: 26cm 10.2”


Another week and aaaalmost another pound

Tomorrow it’s Valentine’s Day and this is my Valentines gift to myself…I’ve lost over 10 lbs. since I started…wohoo!!

Current measurements for today is;

Weight: 56.3 kg 124.2 lbs.

Thigh: 54 cm or 21.2”

Hip: 93cm or 36.6”

Waist: 67cm or 26.3”

Belly: 77cm or 30.3”

Upper Arm: 26 cm or 10.2”

4 weeks Later…

I have been strict with my diet for the past 4 weeks and the only times I’ve failed is when I have not eaten enough. When this has happened it has given me a bad headache and at times put me in a terrible mood that the kids and Freddie have had to put up with.

So far I have lost 4.2 kg or 9.4 lbs.

My waist is -6.5cm/-2.5”,Belly -7cm/-2.7”, Leg -2cm/-0.78”, Hips -2cm/-0.78” and Arms -2.5cm/0.98”

Current measurements for today is;

Weight: 56.6 kg or 125 lbs.

Thigh: 55 cm or 21.6”

Hip: 94cm or 37”

Waist: 68 cm or 26”

Belly: 78 cm or 30.7”

Upper Arm: 25.5 cm or 10.03”

Weigh in Wednesday 1/23/13

Today I am going to be much better than yesterday when it comes to my diet. There is no fun starving yourself as well as the only thing you will end up doing is to cheat yourself. Even if you eat smaller portions you should eat every 3 hours so you body gets the energy it needs and also so it doesn’t start breaking down muscle tissue.

I have started to notice some differences in my body since I started mainly in my face, around my collarbones and the upper ribs.

Since I started I am down 3.3 kg or 7.4 lbs.

Today’s measurement

Weight: 57.6 kg  127 lbs.

Thigh: 55.5cm,  21.8”

Hip: 95 cm, 37.4”

Waist: 69 cm, 27.1”

Belly: 79 cm, 31.1”

Upper arm: 26cm, 10.2”


Keep in mind I am doing this with a measurement tape and trying to measure the same places every week. I am weighing myself at the warehouse on the same scale every time so that should be accurate.

15 January 2013 one week later

I’m still 1.65cm and I really just know metrics so please bear with me.

Weight: 59.5 kg or 131.2lb

Thigh: 56cm or 22”

Hip: 96. cm or 37, close to 38”

Waist: 74. cm or 29”

Belly: 81cm or just under32”

Upper arm: 26cm or just over 10”

I am doing my own measurements and it is hard to get the accurate i.e. measure the same place, how tight did I hold the measuring tape last week etc. I’m thinking about going into the gym to measure my body fat but we’ll see, maybe Saturday morning.

This is were I started one week ago, 9 January 2013

I am 1.65m or 5.4ft and hopefully that will stay the same 🙂

This is when I started just over one week ago. My goal is to measure myself every Wednesday as well take some pictures every month to se if there is any change.

Weight: 60.9 kg or 134.4 lb.

Thigh: 57cm or 22.5”

Hip: 96.5 cm or 38”

Waist: 74.5 cm or 29”

Belly: 85cm or 33.5”

Upper arm: 28cm or 11”