I am back in town!!

After three weeks living out of a suitcase I am back home…for now. It has been three amazing week that I have spent with family and friends and for that reason I have not updated my blog but with that being said I still worked out, mainly running between 6-12 km pretty much 5 days a week. So when the miles where ticking on my knee thought I over did it a bit so the last week I decided to take a break. This is my first break since I started this blog, seven months ago…but now I am back and full of energy!!!

2013-07-06 20.09.51-2

I was so glad being back at Lifestyle Fitness seeing my gals and Jonathan. Like I said I was so full of energy that I could have kept on going for hours just to make every little muscle in my body work.

So after a quick warmup on 15% incline on the treadmill (I realize it’s nothing compare to all the hills I’ve been running up and down in Sweden) while we were catching up it was time to get to work. We started off working the core and hamstring using a mat and a Pilates ball.

plank with leglegraise

15 leg extensions each leg in a plank position and 15 leg raises with the Pilates Ball.

hamstring1 hams2

15 Hamstrings curls

This was followed by 15 weighted spilt stand squats (each leg) and two minutes skipping with the old jump rope. So far I was feeling great and I think in my mind I could have squatted with 50 pound dumbbells without a problem but my three weeks without any real weight training was sneaking up upon me fast…

split skipping

  It was the following circuit that reminded me why I don’t really take any time off because three weeks ago this would have been a walk in the park but after completed the first set I thought my arms was going to fall off and I loved it!

We stated with 2 walking lunges and a squat to press (10 steps and 5 squats) down the gym. At the end we did 15 bent over rows before we walked back and finished out on 15 romanian deadlifts.

rows dead

Meanwhile the other group was giving it all on the bike for about three-ish minutes before we swapped.

When the second circuit was completed three times our “official” hour was over but I have mentioned this before, the hour is not over until Jonathan says so! So all we could do was to bring out the 35 pound kettlebell to complete our last and final circuit. This consisted of 30 seconds jumping lunges, 15 second rest, 30 seconds squat jumps, 15 seconds rest and 30 seconds kettlebell swings. After I completed my third set I was not so cocky anymore but I am looking forward coming back for more later on this morning because I am back in town 😉


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