Five fast k’s

Yesterday was a very slow day but for some reason I did not manage to drag myself out for the long run I had planned for. So after I picked up Mira from a birthday part and completed the grocery shopping I left all the bags in the kitchen and thought if I don’t put my running shoes on the run was not going to happen and I knew I was going to be so disappointed.

With a new running app (runtastic) on my phone and music pumping in my ears I went out to the tracks in the forest preserve and I was pretty much alone. I completed my 5 k run with a 5 min/km which as been a goal of mine and it felt so good but now when it’s done I want to run faster ;).

2013-06-02 17.52.05

Now I am heading out to meet Jonathan and I am curious what he has in mind for us this morning…

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