I love it even if it turns me into a frog…

One week ago my legs were light and I was running like I never done anything else, today on the other hand was a completely different story. I only had about 20 minutes before I was going to meet Rebecca for my thirds Pilates session and even though my legs felt like they were made out of rocks I push through my quick run and managed to squeeze in 3 miles in exactly 23 minutes.

Very sweaty I walked into the Pilates room exactly at 10 am, Rebecca was already there ready to pick up where we left off last week. Being new to this type of exercise it is very hard to explain what we were doing and for me it takes a lot of focus to concentrate on the breathing and it is really a luxury to have Rebecca there to coach me through the exercise.

2013-04-23 17.27.17 2013-04-23 17.28.21

It was only me today, so I got even more attention (L normally comes with me) and there was no room for cheating. I have to say some of the movements are both very hard and very challenging so even if my intention was not to “cheat” I ended up doing it anyway and as soon as I did Rebecca was there to correct me.

2013-04-23 17.29.55 2013-04-23 17.29.13

I do believe that I am fairly strong and although the resistance was not like doing a 120 pound deadlift it was really doing the trick in a totally different way and I am now officially hooked.

Being a former gymnast I was very agile but the more I have been lifting weights and since I started to run I have become stiff as an elephant. So the combination of working the muscle and actually stretching effectively hopefully will help me to get back the my former flexibility.

2013-04-23 17.30.58

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