My favorite color is green, just like in GREEN CARD!!!!!

This has just been a great day, Freddie woke me up by bringing me coffee  in bed before he left for San Diego (the only bad part of the day). As soon as I had sent the kids off to school I went over to Lifestyle Fitness for a long a nice warm up, I felt I needed it as I have not been in an actually gym since last Wednesday.

We continued the warmup with doing 20 walking lunges, 15 push-ups, 20 walking lunges, 15 step-ups (on a bench) with high knee followed by dips three times through. This really got our heart rate going and I was really pushing it almost like I wanted to feel how much pain I could squeeze out for not being in the gym for so long and I knew it was not going to get any easier.

2013-04-22 13.02.44

As soon as the warm up was over Jonathan asked us to bring out a kettle bell, I choose 25 pounds. It was sort of a long circuit and we kept on working on the endurance as well the strength. The first exercise out was 25 “small squat” into a press, 25 kettlebell swings, 50 bicycle crunches, 1 minute plank and 2 minutes skipping ropes, again three times through.

2013-04-22 13.10.46 2013-04-22 13.04.552013-04-22 13.10.06 2013-04-22 13.06.112013-04-22 13.09.13

The next drill we were asked to pick a kettlebell that we were going to stick with throughout the entire circuit. It is always tricky to find a weight that will challenge you in all the different exercises so I asked Jonathan if I could have a back up and as always the answer was no. I stuck with the heavier one but it was really challenging. First we did 10 single leg Romanian deadlifts straight into 10 rows. As soon that was finished we yanked the kettlebell up on the arm and did 10 standing lunges stepping back with a high knee thrust. So far the legs had done most of the work but the final and last exercise in the circuit was single leg shoulder press. I normally use the 25 pound kettlebell but then we stand on both legs, this time we had to use our entire body to get the weight over our heads.

2013-04-22 13.13.592013-04-22 13.12.302013-04-22 13.12.582013-04-22 13.13.32

The last and final routine of the day we picked the up the cardio again. 20 jumping lunges, straight into 15 burpees and 50 mountain climbers. There is no words for it but I was spent after this total body workout…just the way it should be!

2013-04-22 19.32.27 2013-04-22 19.30.42

2013-04-22 19.29.082013-04-22 19.33.29

When I got home I had a lovely lunch with Mira outside in the sun and I actually got the first sun tan of the season. And just before I was going to take Knut to soccer practice I opened a desired and a much wanted letter from Homeland Security…

Welcome to the United states

Your application for permanent residence has been approved….

Wohoo, finally we have our Green Cards!!!

9 thoughts on “My favorite color is green, just like in GREEN CARD!!!!!

    • Thank you…well done on running a race…I’m thinking to do a run in the fall but I’m not completely convinced as I turn into a monster when I compete…lol

    • Thank you….it is so nice that it is over cos we have had every VISA under the sun. Now it is finally up to us if we want to leave the US, not a company!

  1. That sounds so amazing! I’m going to try some of the excercises with my 12kg kettlebell at home. So glad you got your green card!

    • Thank you so much and congratulation to yours!! It is an unbelievable feeling not having to rely on a company if u can stay in the country or not.

  2. Reblogged this on saracastic and commented:
    This workout – love it with the kettlebell and I’ll sure integrate it in my routine (without the rope skipping because of my shin periostitis)

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