Anger management…Pilates might actually do the trick

So after my very angry morning with my equally angry run I still had a little bit more fume to get rid of and matter of fact we had our second Pilates lesson today with Rebecca. Last week she was teaching me over at her house but today she had booked the studio at LifeTime Fitness were they have 4 Pilates Reformer, but honestly I think they looked like something taken out of 50 shades of Grey…lol

2013-04-16 11.27.08

I think when you are angry and running you can get great results because when you keep on playing the situation over and over in your head it sort of makes you more angry and the  angrier you get and faster you run. The thing was though when I was coming off the treadmill I was probably even more angry than before!

So for me coming into the Pilates Studio having to focus on the movement and the breading  left me with no thoughts in the head. I was 100% focused on what I was doing and working with the reformer is very interesting indeed. I have to say that some movements we did were similar to some movement we do on the TRX but the result were totally different, I discovered muscles I didn’t knew I had!!

Rebecca is a very good teacher and she is very thoroughly when she give us the instructions as well she makes sure that we are moving the right way and if we don’t she will come and adjust us. I would not be surprised if I will add Pilates to my junkie list 🙂

2013-04-16 11.38.54 2013-04-16 11.28.592013-04-16 11.30.56




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