I’m in pain…

It’s finally Saturday and I could not be happier as yesterday was a day that just was dragging on and on…

Kids were out of school and Knut had a sleepover at a friend’s house so I in order for me to get my workout in before the conferences, pick ups and birthdays parties I went to see Jonathan at 6.45 for a tough upper body workout.

When Jonathan was explaining what we were doing I was half asleep and my first movement for the day was chest presses and I picked up two 20 pounds dumbbells. Jonathan then walked up to me with a frown in his forehead…”Is that is , really…go and get the 25 pounds!!” It was there and then I thought; “I’m here for an hour either way I’m awake or not and maybe I can just treat it almost like a bad dream” After the chest presses and the reverse flies we did pull ups and I absolute suck at them. I made a promised to myself that every time I’m at the warehouse I will do a couple. I hate not being able to do them by myself, so maybe by the summer I can crank out at least five of them!


Straight away when the first circuit was completed I started to feel how the blood was building up in my arms, were almost like they getting to big and the skin on the back of my arms start rubbing against the body in an odd way…haha!


We kept on pumping the arms in the second circuit and the intensity was not yet high in the sense of heart rate but that was soon to be changed.

Into this…



First we started with the ropes and they are always tough after an upper body workout but yet it was nothing compare to when we started to slam the 12 pound ball into wall followed by basketball shots over the bar straight into 100 bicycle crunches from the TRX.

I was thoroughly glad when the workout out was over and I was for sure wide awake by the end of it…

At the moment I’m sitting and sipping my morning coffee and every time I lift the cup to my mouth I get a little reminder of yesterday workout, just the way it should be šŸ˜‰ I am soon going into the basement to do an hour on the elliptical, I don’t want to go outside because it is flurries in the air…WHERE IS THE SPRING!!!

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