50 ways to beat a housewife!

Ok, I will admit…I am a housewife.

There it is, I said it! I wake up every morning with my makeup in place, hair in a perfect do, apron on my hips, diamonds in my ears, a glass of wine in my hand and of course with a smile on my lips! This is my life or not. The truth is I am a stay at home mom and that I have a trainer that knows how to beat the living S#!T out the housewives on the North Shore.

Today we started with just two exercises. First out was hamstring curls, pyramiding 65/75/90 pounds and after finishing 90 pounds I dropped the weight to 45 pounds, lifting the legs together but releasing with only one leg (holy cow). The second exercise was romanian deadlifts at 80 pounds, this was really heavy weight for me and I was ready to go home when I finished my third and final set. 2013-04-10 20.23.472013-04-10 20.27.00

The second circuit we picked up the pace a little bit and started with a single leg romanian deadlift. We Stayed on the same leg stabilizing while doing 15 shoulder raiser and then straight into 30 weighted walking lunges. The final exercise in this circuit was jumping on the tire while switching leg and pushing upwards…hmm I hope that made sense but I will assure you it was hard 😉

2013-04-10 20.33.19 2013-04-10 20.29.00tire2013-04-10 20.30.59

The final weight circuit Jonathan had set for us was yet again hard with planking in the TRX doing hip abduction, a single leg squat from the TRX (these are super hard especially when the legs are tired) and the final drill was jumping over or on top of a box. I love this kind of creativity because I think it is so much more fun when you don’t know what to expect when you come in for your workout, except what part of the body we will work on.

2013-04-10 20.41.31 2013-04-10 20.42.35

2013-04-10 20.43.40 2013-04-10 20.44.34

With the summer just around the corner and the bikini season coming up a workout is not complete without some suicide runs. Sprinting back and forth in the gym and cheering on one another we sounded like we could have been practice for the Olympics. Instead we were just three housewives getting whipped by Jonathan while getting ready to squeeze into those bikinis of ours…

This is just a few tricks that Jonathan has up his sleeve and if you are up for it and live in the Chicago Area please contact jonathandomoleczny@gmail.com

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