Really…I think someone was taking the piss today!

When I left the house for my “recovery jog” this morning I had about 40 minutes until I had to be back in order to get Mira from school. I started out light but I guess I’m not really a recovery type of person. I took a track I normally don’t run, the track that Freddie runs. I do know where he turns around so I ended up running faster and faster trying to get to the power line, I didn’t make it though because the thing was I also had to get back in time…lol

blue sky

When we got home from school I was very hungry and I released I hadn’t eaten any breakfast so I grabbed some leftovers from last night and took a seat outside on the patio thinking I would enjoy my lunch in the sun. Now, some genius then thought it was a good idea to start burning leafs (or something) so this thick stinking smoke stated to cover the neighborhood.  Of all the cold and freezing days we have had they had to pick today to burn stuff. I grabbed my plate and finished my lunch inside, not being able to be outside we took the car to Hartigan’s Ice Cream Shoppe and the kids picked their favorite flavor happy as could be.



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