Today was a good day!

I don’t know what happened to the spring but the last two days has just been awfully cold so today I thought I would go to Lifetime Fitness for a nice cardio session without freezing my ass off.

 I always have a plan in mind on what I am going to do when I going to workout (except when I am going to the warehouse, then I have Jonathan who is doing all the planning 🙂 ) it helps me to be more efficient and I tend to stick to my goal. Today was no difference and it’s been a while since I did any interval training and reading other peoples blogs I’ve seen a lot of them doing HIIT training so I thought I give it a go. I googled HIIT and it seems like there is a lot of different versions but I decided to do 60 seconds on, 60 seconds off for about 10-20 minutes. The thing is with HIIT it supposedly should help lower your total body fat as well as it should improve your athletic performance (Wikipedia).

So I walked over to the gym and got started on the treadmill, I initially thought I would do a warmup run for 15 minutes before I was going to start my HIIT. The thing was it felt so go so I ended up going faster and faster and I all of a sudden I thought; “What the heck, lets see how fast I can get three miles” and I actually ended up doing a personal best 22.57.


When I was done I walked it out for about 5 minutes and the I got back on in again for another 15 minutes, sprinting at 10.2 for a minute and resting the next. The last two sprints I was really fighting for it and I honestly thought I would puked during the final 30 seconds and that would have been a fine sight, right!

I knew I was going to work hard today but not that hard! But hey, I’m not complaining…I feel so good!

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