I’m a concrete kinda gal…

Being born and raised with the nature around the corner and with a family that loved the forest and fishing, something went terrible wrong with me. I love my home town and the “High Coast” and think it is one of the most beautiful places. It is great to have a ski slope in the middle of town, you can hike and cross-country ski pretty much straight from the centre of town. The view over the bay with its amazing archipelago gives you the opportunity to travel into town in your sailboat or motorboat, yet I have to admit I am a concrete girl and I love Chicago!

2013-03-29 18.00.23

2013-03-29 18.09.22

Me and Freddie lived in London for five and some years and we are coming up to 5 years here in Chicago and every time I drive to downtown and see the skyline I just love it and it was no different today when we made it to Lincoln Park Zoo. We had a great time this first spring like day, the kids were getting their faces painted and it was just so nice seeing all the people who had come out of their hibernation and some even in skirts and flip-flops!(Not sure what they were thinking cos the breeze from the lake is far from warm)

2013-03-29 18.01.152013-03-29 18.04.40

This was a great way to get the spring started, let’s hope there will be more days like today!

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