Always look on the bright side of life…

2013-03-29 11.18.45 We call it the Jesus Christ Peck Stretch!


What a glorious morning it is today as I am sitting on my porch sipping a cup of coffee in the sun and watching the kids play on the driveway. But it for sure did not start this way as I was hitting the legs in the warehouse haaaard earlier this morning.   

We started focusing on the hamstring doing curls in a pyramid fashion, starting at 45, 60, 75/45 pounds. This was followed by romanian deadlifts (30, 35 and 40 pounds) to finish it off with lunging to the end of the gym and sprinting back and forth. This was just the first circuit but after the third set my legs was screaming but I thought to myself that this is it, last workout before my chocolate day begins…lol

2013-03-29 11.06.20 2013-03-29 11.03.35 

To be perfectly honest I was hoping that we would give the legs a short break but Jonathan had something else in mind as he said; “You can’t have a leg day without squats”. I like it when he is pushing me that little bit extra as he gave me two 25 pounds kettlebells and I was not only feeling it in my legs, my back and my core also needed to work and on the last set I was almost hitting failure as my as I started to crunch my back towards the end. When we had finished our 15 weighted squats we did 15 jumping squats and as soon we were done we did high knee off the big wheel and high jumps. The workout was a good mix between working heavy weights and cardio, just the way I like it!

2013-03-29 11.13.27 2013-03-29 11.12.57      

Coming into the final 20 minutes we worked the hips and the core combined from the TRX. I think it is funny how the painting from yesterday made itself remembered because my shoulders were hurting from stabilizing during the exercises and we did not even touch them today! 

2013-03-29 11.16.21

2013-03-29 11.15.57

Anyhow this was an awesome workout to kick off this easter holiday that I’ve been looking forward to for weeks. Monday morning I will be to my old routines and I will set up some knew goals that I would like to achieve before I go home to the motherland this summer!


2013-03-29 11.18.07

Happy Easter to you all! Now me and the kids are going down to enjoy this day at the Lincoln Park Zoo !  


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