Nice to be back!

So yesterday was the BIG day when Knut finally received the Team Banner for winning the Wolves Cup and he did so at Allstate Arena where the Chicago Wolves was playing a game versus Milwaukee. He skated out on the ice in intermission and we were screaming like the crazy and proud parents we are 😉

2013-03-24 16.24.40

Being the “time-optimist” I am I did not make it over to the gym yesterday for my run as I had planned before we had to leave for the game. So I was very glad when Jonathan had created a mix between strength and cardio in a very interval inspired workout.

2013-03-25 19.14.482013-03-25 20.26.24

We started out doing 30 seconds rope straight into the rowing on the TRX and as soon as that  was done we started to throw the 12 pound ball into the wall. This three exercise together really made the arms, shoulders and back work hard and the last exercise in this circuit was fast squats touching (sitting down on the wheel).

So far I was doing ok but the thing was today was our first day of spring break and none of us had to get out of bed to get ready for school and with a dog in our house that need to go for walk I did not have time to eat breakfast. So going into the second circuit still doing intervals I ran out of “juice” in the middle of my push-ups before throwing the big ropes hard to bring the up heart beat but that was not really the hardest part. It was pushing the wheel across the gym, my lower back is still very sore from the deadlift we did on friday and I had to focus on pushing the wheel to the end.

2013-03-25 19.16.26     2013-03-25 19.18.15

We finished off one last circuit with the medicine ball doing squat to push over head, chops and jumping jacks pushing the ball overhead. This was a great start to the week and I can not wait to run tomorrow over at Life Time Fitness!

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