Let’s get pumped!

Mira’s spring break started yesterday so today she had to hang with us at the warehouse and I must say after our house and the Ice rink this is her 3rd home…lol.

mira gym

After a week of legs it was so nice knowing that we were going to work on our upper body today and as soon as our warm up was done I turned my head to see what Jonathan had planned for us my hurt jumped…It looked like so much fun!

warmup  Warm up

We started out by doing sitting shoulder raise and Mira was so cute when she sat  on the bench next to me using the pink 1 pound dumbbell imitating me. The circuit was mix with up doing pulling and pushing movement so the next thing up for me was deadlift. I have never done them like this before and I had forgotten my gloves and after the first set the my hands were hurting like h**l. This is when the cold weather comes handy as I brought out my leather gloves that I had in the pockets of my jacket…lol.


I kept on building up the weights and after three sets both my forearms and my upperarms were pumped and it is such a crazy feeling when you bend your arms. It is almost like the inside doesn’t fit in the skin…weird!


The following circuit we kept on alternating between pushing and pulling. When I initially picked up the barbell it felt really light but coming into my last rep both my arms and back was starting to fatigue and the barbell felt like it weigh a ton! It was almost a relief when i picked up a pair of dumbbell and did reverse flies together with bicep curls, just to give my back some rest.


When the hour was almost over I was really pumped. We had not done any “intentional” cardio but my heart rate still raised a bit during the heavy movements but not enough to count like a cardio session. So the last five minutes we finished on the big ropes.

It is now 4pm and my shoulders, my back, my arms are all aching so I pretty sure I am in for a saturday of pain 😉




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