The guest of honor…Bindi!

Even though spring break has not yet officially started half of my friends has already fled the cold and headed out to somewhere warm and by now I guess they are sipping on a Margarita by the pool and sucking in every ounce of vitamin D. Now you might think I am a little bit bitter but nooooo I’m a swede, right and suppose to love the cold…*cough*

So instead of tagging along to Aruba, an Island you apparently can’t do that much, except of eating great food, drinking, swimming and hanging at the spa…we decided to look after our friends beautiful dog Bindi.


She came last night and the kids got really excited but it threw me little off routine this morning but that was ok because after three days of working the legs I thought I give them a break from running. I was also expecting a visit to have some work done in the house so instead of going to the gym I put the old elliptical to use for 60 minute and I have to admit, it was sooo boring. I stuck with it as I was catching up on Chicago Fire and although I didn’t give it my all my legs still felt wobbly when I was done. With 50 minutes till I had to get Mira from school me and Bindi went for a long frigid walk in the sun and I have to say … Vitamin D is still Vitamin D 🙂



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