Let’s have a afternoon nap…

After a long good night sleep I still woke up tired but what can you do, a girl got to do what a girl got to do! So after I dropped the kids off to school I changed into my workout clothes and devoted myself to my hour of pain and yes the combination of mondays though workout and yesterdays run made my legs a bit tender.

After a quick warmup walking on the treadmill we continued with warming up the backside  focusing on  contracting the glut. I know I have mentioned this before but I can really appreciate this type of movements because even if they are easy they are really efficient. squeez squeez1


The next circuit up we picked up 15 pounds dumbbells and did weighted single leg romanian dead-lifts, revers lunge with a high knee to standing lunge and as soon that was done we worked the core doing leg raises and plank with lifting up the leg and again squeeze the glut. At this point the hamstrings and the glut was staring to get tired but I still felt that I had some more to give. The following circuit really got the legs working with hamstrings curls, romanian dead-lift both increasing the weight every set but the fun part was the step up with a jump. We were really only supposed to do 10 on each leg but I read some where (I can’t find the link) that the harder you work the greater the calorie “afterburn” so I thought I push for 15.

deadlift step up jump

We completed the day with walking lunges down the gym back and forth with 20 pounds kettle bells, then we used the TRX doing pikes and hip abductions? and honestly at this point I pretended it was a bad dream soon to be over because my legs were capped!


In the afternoon Mira and I was potting around in the house and I crashed, so while Mira was watching TV I nestle up next to her and took a 20 minute nap! I guess that is a sign up a good workout and hopefully a good “afterburn”!

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