To India and back!

Last night we were invited over to our good friends The Pedersen’s and it is always a pure pleasure to dine over at their house as they always make the most amazing creations and last night they took us to India and back!


They started the culinary experience with a mango drink and for those who don’t know this is also India’s national fruit. It was so refreshing and delicious that I don’t think the summer can come fast enough! Another thing I love about dinging with my friends is that they also live a low carb lifestyle so all the food was well thought trough.

I had made a Chocolate Cheese Cake using the miracle berry (recipe to follow) and when we sat down to try it without the “pill”it was not that great! But as soon as the tables had dissolved on our tongue and we took another bite it totally changed the experience.

2013-03-16 20.51.54

Even though the cheese cake was low carb as well as the rest of the food it had dairy in it so I had much more carbs than I have had since my journey began. (I also cheated big time as they had swedish candy, Daim) So this coming week I am going back to basic cutting out pretty much anything that will impact the glycemic load in a significant way.

The next time I will indulge is when I get my hands on an easter egg 🙂

2013-03-16 18.42.02

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