A long lovely weekend ahead of me…

I am having a long weekend of rest but before I could put my leg up on the coach I had to kill ‘em first! I came in early and did a fairly moderate cardio warm up on the elliptical as I really wanted to give it all. With spring break coming up I think everyone wants to make sure to get the work in so we were a big group of 6 girls today and overall the warehouse was pretty crowded. So we didn’t use any machines today it just means that you have to make sure that you pick appropriate weights that still would challenge you.

romanian single leg

In every circuit we mixed the legs with core work which was great because even though I am not going anywhere except to the gym over the break I have the summer to think about that is hopefully just around the corner 😉

bicyclecrunch glut

The last 10-15 minutes we mainly focused on the legs and getting the heart working with step-ups, walking launches and the bike. I do like the mix in with the cardio because although we didn’t use any weight the legs were already spent and every walking launch felt like the legs was on fire. I guess my weekend can start now and lets see if I can stay away from the gym without suffering withdrawal syndrome…lol!

walkingL bike

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