Our aspirations are our possibilities.

At 4 am this morning a little Mira snuck in between my sheets hot as an oven so when the bus arrived it was only Knut who left for school. So with Mira home there was no gym time for me today at least I thought but then I got thinking.


When we moved to the US all our belongings was shipped from Sweden including all our electronics not thinking that North America has a different voltage that pretty much left us with a lot of appliances that are now useless including our elliptical. This elliptical of ours has been stored in the garage for the last 4 years but we do have a transformer so we can make it work. It was now time to dust it off and I was going through boxes trying to find the electrical cord. When I did I managed to move it from the garage to the house with my well earned new muscles ;).

workout home

The elliptical is not fancy in any shape or form but it has a few programs and I had forgotten how efficient it was. I did an hour interval training in front of the TV and I was soaking wet by the time I was done and Mira was fast asleep in the sofa.


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