After rain comes sunshine…

When I woke up this morning I was still dark outside and I was hesitant till how I was feeling but as the morning carried on I got more and more energy. When I was doing my warm up before an amazing workout I was trying to get into the zone and really focus on how I was going to perform in the coming hour.

We began the workout with killing the abs for about 15 minutes doing leg raises, crunches, slow bicycle crunches and push ups and as soon they were exhausted we moved on to work the rest of the upper body. I really wanted to do my best and I was glad when Jonathan increased my weights, they were heavy and he kept on encouraging me.


On my third set of doing clean jerks Amy was making fun out of me because of the huffing and puffing but hey, its like giving birth… it just happens, right… lol.


I was very quiet throughout the workout and I hope non of the other ladies thought I was being grouchy but I really needed to stay as focused as I could, so I could make sure I got the result I wanted. When the hour was over I thought I done well and It felt almost like I was back to my old self. I finished off with a low intensity bike ride for 15 minutes talking to Jonathan regarding the last couple of days and he suggested it may be time for a “weekend vacation” to let my body recover for a couple of days.


I have a feeling my arms will be even more sore tomorrow compare today as they were rather tender already coming into the workout but that is ok. Tomorrow is a new day and it will come with new challenges but let us not worry about that for now because I have this lovely feeling inside of me, just like when the sun is shining your face for the first time after a long and gloomy winter…


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