So the day has come when I totally failed!

I mentioned yesterday that I was not at my best form but still managed to get a great workout in, today was a different story.  I went over to the gym with the intention to run for at least five miles and I started out ok but when I got to 2.5 miles this huge brick wall just rose in front of me and with head first I ran straight into it. My legs got stiff and my calves was burning and it was almost impossible to keep on going. I slowed downed and started to walk on an incline instead for about 6 minutes before I began running again. This time at a slower pace and after a while I once again mixed it up with a walk at an incline.


I did manage to scrap 5 miles together but it was a huge disappointment not being able to pull it off in a decent time. When I told Freddie about my frustration he told me not to be too hard on myself and I know that because my body is aching but still, right!!…Man, I have a goal to reach so I don’t have time to feel run down and let’s hope tomorrow I will feel better. I’m going to go bed early tonight and hopefully with a good night sleep I will be back with a vengeance tomorrow!


13 thoughts on “So the day has come when I totally failed!

  1. You didn’t TOTALLY fail.. 5 miles is still much more than MOST of the population did. Heck, walking through the gym doors is more than most people. It’s just a minor setback. On the other hand, I totally relate with you in being frustrated with not meeting your goal for the day. Still… awesome work!

  2. A healthy dinner and a good night sleep will do the trick! I could hardly wash my hair after my workout today so tomorrow it will be a leg day 🙂

  3. I too know the feeling. Not sure if you incorporate any rest days but maybe your body needs one. If you can’t bear the idea of time off, have you thought of supplementation? Something like L-Glutamine may help your muscles recover faster, and may also ease soreness.

    Either way, Good Luck! Keep pushing!

    • Thank you!
      I had my rest day on Sunday and I do take some amino energy before workout..will look into L-glutamine though because this ain’t flying!…thanks for the tip!

  4. Oh, you’re one of THOSE people. The ones who complain because they didn’t run 5 miles PERFECTLY. I’d KILL to be able to run 5 miles!! Give yourself a break, you did awesome. 🙂

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