Before reward it must be labor…

Coming from a country where it is very dark during the winter month (Chicago is walk in the park in comparison) you really appreciate the longer days so I have nothing against the daylight savings. But wow, I was tired this morning and I managed to drag myself out of bed just before 8am and even though I drank my coffee it didn’t do anything for me!

When I was getting ready to go for my workout I saw Jonathan’s status on Facebook that the previous morning groups had really work it hard and one almost puked and another one almost passed out, I knew I was in for a killer workout.

7 circuit

It was a fairly simple structured workout with only 1 circuit with 7 exercises in total but it was crazy hard. I started out by doing medium cardio for 10 minutes on the elliptical before we moved into the circuit that target the core, shoulders, arms, back with heavy weights. As soon as we were done we jumped back on our cardio equipment and this time around I hit the bike for 1 minutes seated and 1 minutes standing for a total of 10 minutes before going back to the weights.

7 circuit1

After working the heavy weight the second time around my arms was really starting to tired out. But Jonathan suggested that I finished out the last 10 minutes of cardio on the rowing machine before doing the very last push on the weights. I think the feeling of accomplishment can be so different depending on how you felt coming into the workout, the result of it and how hard you pushed yourself. So today I was very glad when I was done, I did not feel great but I did my very best throughout an extremely though hour.



3 thoughts on “Before reward it must be labor…

  1. This sounds like my type of workout. I usually try to “kill” the people I workout as well. It surely does hurt so good!!! LOL, but you are looking good Malin! I definitely can see the 12 lbs, you are more toned and look great!

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